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How Learning English Can Change Your Life

Learning English will give a huge impact on your life, here are some fact!

With 1.5 billion speakers around the globe, English is the second most widely used language in the world and the number one language when it comes to business and commerce.

Why is English important?

You can communicate with so many people from different countries, which benefits you in your personal and professional life.

Whether it is on the internet, for business or school, knowing English will make being understood and making connections much easier for you!

And if you are looking to study abroad in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and practically any anglophone country, having a good command of English is a must.

In fact, many universities require you to prove your proficiency by getting a good score on English language tests like IELTS.

With so many avenues such as language schools and study-abroad programmes like ELICOS (to localise), getting started on improving your proficiency is simple!

walking in canada airport

Pro tip: If you are determined to accelerate your learning, doing an ELICOS programme in Australia is a fantastic idea.

It's proven that those who study English abroad in an organic setting improve by leaps and bounds.

Whether you want to improve your general standard to prepare for the IELTS, there are specific programmes to suit your needs. One of the best ways to hone your command of English is to immerse in an English-speaking environment.

Why You Should Study English

passing ielts test

#1 Admission to Prestigious Universities

If your dream university is in Australia or the UK, are you sure that you have all you need for your application?

Top universities in the UK such as University College London are stringent in their English language requirements to ensure that their students can cope. If you want to gain admission to a prestigious university, you will need an IELTS band score of 6.0 overall at the very least.

#2 Access to Better and Higher-paying Jobs

Many things can make you stand out to a potential employer and communication skills often feature on those lists.

With English being the language of the business sector, being fluent in English as a second language could get you a pay raise of up to 15%.

Want to explore the world while working abroad? Being proficient in English can up your chances of finding employment in international cities such as London and New York.

If you are fluent in English, the world is your oyster, no kidding!

#3 Global Communication

Whether you like chatting people up on online forums or connecting with people you meet on holiday or at work, the importance of English as a common language for communication is undeniable.

Being fluent in your mother tongue, be it Chinese or Thai or Vietnamese, is all well and good. But having a good command of English gives you the ability to communicate with people from all around the world and broadens your horizons beyond your home country!

#4 Explore & Understand Different Culture

In Sweden, if you can’t speak Swedish, what other languages can you use to communicate? Well, if German isn’t your forte, you can speak English too.

When you are travelling, you can use English practically anywhere. Most people in the western world pick up English as a second language. So you can be sure that you find at least someone who can understand you when you are abroad!

Learning English also makes picking up other germanic and romance languages easier as there are quite many similar words.

#5 Have a Smarter & Sharper Brain

Here’s the one you may not have expected. Picking up English as a second language can actually make you smarter.

Here’s how it works: Learning another language develops new areas of your mind and improves your ability to focus. This improves your memory and general cognitive ability.

So on top of the other benefits of learning English, you become able to concentrate better, become more intelligent, and even have a lowered risk of Alzheimer's and dementia!

Open Doors to The Rest of The World

passing ielts test

The fact is this: Studying and becoming proficient in English will change your life for the better.

If you intend to learn and develop a firmer grasp of the English language, programmes like ELICOS in Australia is specially tailored for non-native speakers.

Furthermore, our education counsellors are able to guide you when it comes to choosing the right English course, helping you take a step closer to becoming a global citizen.

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