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7 tips to de-stress during a lockdown when you can’t go out                        

Coping with isolation isn’t probably what you had in mind when you decided to take the first step in pursuing your studies abroad. But who said you had to let lockdown taint your overseas university experience? 

Whether your study destination is in lockdown or if you’re subjected to mandatory quarantine periods upon arrival in the country, you may find yourself in a temporary state of loneliness and stress due to the change in environment. This makes it all the more important to take the necessary steps in boosting your mental health, keeping active, and staying positive amidst the circumstances. 

To make the most out of the situation, here are 7 simple ways you can de-stress and stay sane during the lockdown. 

7 Tips To Destress During Your Lockdown

1.    Study Live with YouTubers for Increased Motivation 

The digital phenomenon of ‘Study With Me’ videos rose to fame last year when distance learning began to take effect across the globe. With the lack of social interaction as a result of online learning, these pre-recorded or live videos help students gain productivity, find motivation, and avoid distractions. 

These videos are usually accompanied by ambient background music and a Pomodoro timer to keep students company and help them with their focus during designated study times.

Take a look at one of the most popular ‘Study With Me’ videos on YouTube today, garnering over five million views.  

2.    Take Frequent Exercise Breaks 

From yoga to bodyweight exercises, staying physically active can be an effective way to break out of the monotonous lockdown daily routine. It can help prevent various health conditions, promote better sleep, and keep your overall physical health in tip-top condition. 

Apart from its physical benefits, exercising has an array of advantages for your mental health as well. Since our body releases endorphins when engaging in physical activity, exercising can alleviate stress and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression — all of which are especially rampant during this time. 

If you’re working out alone at home, call a friend and ask them to do a virtual workout with you. But if you prefer to get some fresh air, ensure that you still adhere to the respective restrictions of your study destination. 

3.    Learn How to Make Your Own NFT & Sell It 

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital assets that can come in multiple forms — artwork, music, videos, and pretty much anything digital. Think of NFTs as pokemon cards, but of much higher value. 

While most people buy NFTs intending to sell them off at a higher price in the future, others hold them for much longer as collectible items. Major brands like the NBA and Formula 1 have launched NFT-centred projects for avid supporters, which can then be traded or collected. 

For university students, this acts as an excellent sideline as it can potentially become a passive income in the future. Some are still sceptical about the volatility of NFTs, but that’s exactly what they said about Bitcoin many years ago. 

Get a headstart with these tips on how to make your own NFT and start selling.

4.    Carve Out Daily Time to Video Call with Family & Friends 

In this digital age, we are lucky to have the gift of technology to stay connected with our friends and families who are miles away from us. With the physical distance in mind, we should make full use of the resources available to us to bridge the gap — whether it’s FaceTime or a simple phone call. 

Even if it’s just a few minutes in your day, be intentional about making time to call your family and friends overseas simply to keep in touch and stay updated on each other’s lives. 

If you want to liven things up, there are a bunch of online and virtual games and apps you can download from Kahoot, Cards Against Humanity, Houseparty,, and the list goes on. All you need is a good internet connection and a designated time, and you’re good to go! 

5.    Start Your Own YouTube or TikTok Channel

Video-sharing platforms like YouTube and especially TikTok are all the rage today due to the range of content available. From dance challenges, hilarious skits, cooking tutorials and recipes, fashion videos — you name it. 

Since its rise in 2019, these platforms have become a great way for people to stay entertained during lockdown and even get their creative juices flowing by creating content themselves. 

Consider starting your channel by finding your niche and creating content catered to that specific category. If you enjoy dancing, try learning a TikTok dance challenge. For the aspiring chefs out there, put out your own recipe for others to try out. Who knows, you might just become an overnight internet sensation. 

6.    Keep a Diary & Write Out Your Thoughts, Ideas & Feelings 

Journaling is known to have a plethora of mental health benefits, especially during hard times when you’re feeling stressed and isolated. Experts claim that expressing your thoughts through writing is linked to decreased mental distress, increased calmness, and acts as a healthy coping mechanism to keep track of your emotions and ideas. 

Living in lockdown as an international student comes with its own set of unique challenges. By keeping track of your thoughts, not only will it clear your mind but it will also allow for enhanced problem-solving skills during adversities. 

If penning your thoughts doesn’t come as natural to you, here’s a list of journaling prompts that can help you get started. 

7.    Start Learning a New Hobby or Interest Like Investing 

With more time in your hands now than before, why not pick up a new hobby? Whether it’s taking up a skills-upgrading course that’s relevant to your future career or simply learning something new for the fun of it, there are multiple resources online that can help you get started. 

One of the hottest trends that everyone is picking up nowadays is investing. More and more millennials and Gen Zs today are interested in investing (especially in cryptocurrency stocks!) to take better control of their finances and make their money work for them from a young age. 

Ready to kickstart your investment journey while still in University? Here are some investing basics that are useful to know. 

Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being is Our Priority 

While you may be far away from your loved ones, that doesn’t mean you have to brave the tide alone. 

Apart from providing course advice and preparing students for their study abroad, our IDP counsellors can provide you with mental health support and connect you with fellow peers through student communities to help you go through this challenging time. 

Receive the support you need by booking your counselling session with us through our virtual office today. 

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