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Studying in London: How it Allowed Me to Pursue my Dreams

Dhika Dewangkara flew from Indonesia to London, certain that the degree and education he’s pursuing is the choice he will never regret.

For many study abroad students, leaving the safe bubble of home for a foreign land can always be a tricky situation.

Trying to adjust to a new culture, having a new way of life and even developing new perspectives of the way one sees things can be an arduous and lengthy process.

For some, like Indonesian student Dhika Dewangkara, studying abroad is more than that. With the help of his IDP counsellor, he took the opportunity to launch himself into bigger and better future plans, knowing that his experiences abroad would serve to equip him with the skills to thrive in the real world.

We met up with Dhika in London, as he shares what it takes to study and live in the iconic English city, as well as what drives him when it comes to fulfilling career goals and dreams.

Name: Dhika Dewangkara

Course: Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Queen Mary University of London

I aspire… to have my own company. My friends have already started theirs and I feel that by furthering my studies, I can elevate my game and understand the industry better.

I used to think… that every country has the same culture, the same personality and that people have the same interests. In fact, they don’t. In London, the city thrives on the energy that people from different backgrounds bring.

London… never sleeps. There’s so many activities to do here, like going to the gym, cycling in the cool weather, going to the markets, etc.

Loneliness… might get to you but if you know where to go and what to do with friends, it wouldn’t be a problem.

You need to know… yourself better, to understand what you want to achieve. This can also help you narrow down the paths that you want to take.

Studying abroad… will develop you in ways you never thought possible. Initially, you’ll learn how to adapt to the new culture and find out more about it in order to avoid culture shock – but the culture will still surprise you anyway. That’s the beauty of studying overseas. I thought applying to a university… would be easy. But I lost a lot of time and money on my documents and all. I approached IDP and they taught me everything, guiding me through the entire application process and making it as smooth as possible.

Keen to explore what it’s like to study in London? Book an appointment with a counsellor today!

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