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Traveling From Indonesia to the UK: Start of Your Study Journey

Grab your student visa and fly to the UK!

You have never been to the United Kingdom but wishing to study there? No problem! We at IDP are dedicated to help and simplify all your study preparation processes, right from the start until you get there.

When a letter of acceptance from university (LoA), Visa and all the fund is already in your hands, it is time for planning your flight to the UK to start your studies.

To reach your destination city in the UK, you will probably need to take a flight for many hours with transit at several points. You might also think about the prices of airline tickets and what airline choices you can fly with.

Here we will discuss preparatory steps before flying to England from your hometown. Check out the following tips:

When is the best time to buy tickets?

On average, international students will leave for England around 1-2 weeks before their studies begin. But some also departed about 1 month before the classes start to extend their adaptation process, as long as their visa allows.

Courses in the UK usually starts in September or October and January. So, you can search ticket prices for flights at the end of August to September or at the end of December. Before buying plane tickets, make sure your student visa is granted.

A fun tip, as reported by the Skyscanner website, you are advised to buy plane tickets 19 weeks before departure time because this can save your ticket up to 15.1%!

You can also hunt for cheap tickets at events such as travel agency exhibitions or Travel Fair which offers massive discounts and credit card installments with attractive payment schemes.

Which international airports in the UK and Northern Ireland should you choose

There are many airports in the United Kingdom, both international airports located in the capital city of London and smaller airports in surrounding cities.

Many flights from Indonesia to the United Kingdom will take you to London. But not all London international airports serve direct flights from Asia. Among the 6 major airports namely London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London City, London Southend, London Luton, and London Stansted, you can only choose London Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW), or London City (LCY). If the three are compared, London Heathrow (LHR) is the busiest and most connected airport with flights from Indonesia. Heathrow Airport is also interconnected with rail lines heading to all regions of the UK except the Northern Ireland region.

Other major UK cities like Edinburgh, Belfast, and Birmingham are also accessible from Middle East and Europe. This means you don’t need to have a layover in London to reach these cities.

If your university or educational institution is located far from these major city hubs, you will need to take a connecting flight, or take a bus or train to reach your destination city. For trips from London to Northern Ireland (such as Belfast) which situated on a different island, you can get there by plane or ferry.

To make sure you arrive at the right airport for this connecting flight, do take a closer and careful look to your map!

What airline can I choose?

There are so many airlines that fly to and from the UK. From Indonesian cities to London, you can take airlines such as:

  • Emirates (transit in Dubai)
  • Etihad Airways (transit in Abu Dhabi)
  • Singapore Airlines (direct from Singapore)
  • Royal Brunei (direct from Brunei)
  • Thai Airways (direct from Bangkok)
  • Garuda Indonesia (direct from Kuala Namu, Medan)
  • Qatar Airways (transit in Doha)
  • Turkish Airlines (transit in Istanbul, Turkey)
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • KLM
  • Qantas
  • .. and many more


Important things to remember before you get on a plane

Flying to another country involves some rules that we need to understand. Some people feel this is 'complicated'. Especially if it's your first time in England. To ease it, follow IDP’s easy tips below:

  • Learn and obey the rules regarding any objects and items that may be brought into the UK.
  • Prepare your body from jetlag so that you do not miss the 5 things you must do after arriving in England
  • Prepare all important documents (Passport, Student Visa, LoA and other papers) your hand carry, never store them in the baggage because this will be needed when reporting to immigration.
  • Get into the correct queue in UK Immigration. If you are not from Europe (EEA and European Union) and Switzerland, you must fill in the landing card and submit it to the immigration officer.
  • Prepare money to buy an Oyster Card which is an electronic card for transportation payments throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Prepare money to buy your cellphone sim card so you can connect to the internet without Wi-Fi.


Now that's a few tips from us to help smooth your journey while moving from Indonesia to the UK! For deeper, more complete and personalized advices, let's consult your plans today with one of the counselors at the nearest IDP Education in your city!

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