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20 Best Universities in The World

According to QS World University Rankings

Advances in education sector is one of the parameters of a country’s development. A country with a high standard of education is generally classified as a developed country, such as the UK, Australia, and the United States. Several independent agencies have also proven the high quality of our educational institutions in developed countries. Including two of the well-known education analyst companies, Times Higher Education (THE) and Quacquarelli Symonds (QS).

Both THE and QS collected data from educational institutions and universities across the globe. Based on the data, every year they release renewed lists of best university rankings in the world. The version from THE is known as the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, and the similar lists from QS is called QS World University Rankings. Both ranking versions are very popular and are often made as a reference or standard to compare university performances around the globe. (Also read: List of the best universities in the world)

2019 rank of universities according to QS

QS World University Rankings list this year includes 1.011 higher education institutions in 85 country. In the ranking list, there are many universities abroad that are IDP partners, where you can get our help to apply. Let’s start with the world’s top 100-150, such as Cardiff University and Newcastle University at 141st and 145th, followed by the University of York at 134th only 3 ranks under Lancaster University at 131st, Queen Maria University of London (QMUL) ranked as 119th, and the University of Adelaide who achieved number 114 best in the world. Going up to the Top 110, you can find 20 of our partner universities in the following list:

20 best universities by QS World University Rankings 2019:

World rank




University of Alberta

Edmonton, Canada


Trinity College Dublin

Dublin, Ireland


University of St. Andrews

St. Andrews, Scotland, UK


University of Southampton

Southampton, UK


University of Leeds

Leeds, UK


University of Western Australia (UWA)

Perth, Australia


University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand


University of Nottingham

Nottingham, UK


University of Birmingham

Birmingham, UK


University of Sheffield

Sheffield, UK


Durham University

Durham, UK


University of Glasgow

Glasgow, UK


Monash University

Melbourne, Australia


University of Warwick

Coventry, UK


University of Bristol

Bristol, UK


University of Queensland (UQ)

Brisbane, Australia


University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Sydney, Australia


University of Sydney

Sydney, Australia


University of Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia


Australian National University

Canberra, Australia

World university rankings can be determined by some indicators such as academic reputation and the reputation of graduates in the eyes of an employer, and ratio between the number of students and teachers. Besides that, in terms of research, institution’s international network for conducting researches is also used as an indicator, as well as how big is their influence in research community, and how many papers per faculty are they producing. In terms of staff proportion, the number of lecturers that have a PhD or doctoral qualification also becomes an indicator for ranking. Last but not least, an institution’s international reputation is also important. The more international staff and students they have, as well as the higher chance to do an international student exchange, the better the rankings.

IDP Education is a partner of more than 700 universities and educational institution in Australia, the UK, Ireland, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

IDP Education has experiences on international student placement for 50 years. With a reliable global network, you can trust IDP for consulting and applying to universities and educational institutions abroad. We will help you through the registration process of universities and educational institutions. If you are interested to study in foreign countries, you can fill the form on this page so that we can start assisting you, free of charge.

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