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Cost of IDP Services

We are dedicated to help, not to cost you fortune.

Our services are free for students. There is no cost for you to book an appointment and you won’t pay an agent fee with us. Outside of our services, you may need to pay for things like postage fees or document verification fees, but we’ll let you know ahead of time about these small costs. We’ll also help you with paperwork, such as your visa application, and we’ll provide options for important services, such as health insurance. You’ll need to pay for these types of things, but our advice is always free.

- Speak with an IDP counsellor

If you have questions for a study abroad expert, you’ve come to the right place. You can get in touch with us easily in one of these ways:

Consulting With IDP

- Visa application assistance

We’ll guide you through the student visa application process and help you understand the visa information on government websites. After that, we will help you prepare and submit the necessary documents, as well as help you get ready for your visa interview.

There are two types of service available with your counsellor:

Basic visa service: This is a free service, even if you aren’t yet an IDP student. We provide you with general information on visa requirements and give you a student visa application checklist that you can use as a general guide.

IDP student visa service: This is still a free service, and we also offer extra assistance. Here’s what we do for you:

  • Guide you through preparing and submitting your documents
  • Provide ongoing support, submit, and do follow-ups to embassies
  • Review your visa application documents
  • Provide visa service for family members if necessary. But please note while IDP will not charge you for our service, the embassies may cost you.

Contact an IDP Office nearest to you to get information about how to apply visa, or read how we can help you with visa.

Free Consulting With IDP

- Get ongoing support and advice

 Aside of feeling excited after you get an offer and acceptance from a university, you may wonder what to do next—and how, within a limited time constraints. IDP professionals are here to help assisting you during this process. If you are admitted to our partner universities, come talk to us and we’ll guide you through all the necessary steps for free.

- Student Essential Services

Most of our value-added Student Essential Services ranging from pre-departure support, bank set-up, and accommodation assistance are also free of charge. If there’s anything you need to pay for, we will inform you in advance. Discover all our Student Essentials services here.

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