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Free IELTS Coaching Clinic 

Test simulation, and many more!

IDP offers Coaching Clinic for those of you who want to know more about the IELTS test. This is a simple IELTS test simulation and information session that you can follow for free in every overseas Education Fair or Exhibition we hold in Indonesia’s big cities. Participants are open to the public, provided they are registered as participants in the IDP’s Education Exhibition.

For those of you who need English language tests, but still unfamiliar about IELTS, Coaching Clinic can be a great opportunity for you. In this event you can meet with staff from the IDP IELTS or even with one of the IELTS expert who explain important information about the test.

What can you get in IELTS Coaching Clinic?

In this event, we provide learning pointers that can be beneficial for you:

  • Find out what types of IELTS test and how the scores are given
  • Explore test rules and assessment details for Speaking and Writing test
  • Try Listening and Reading test simulations
  • Practice with official sample tests

We help to understand generally the things you need to know about IELTS. Examples of topics covered may include:

  • Tips and tricks for answering questions more accurately and efficiently
  • How to anticipate common mistakes of test takers
  • Tips and strategies for improving your score
  • Registration info for candidates
  • Registration info for IELTS Workshop Classes

In addition to the Exhibition or Expo, we also hold Coaching Clinic and IELTS test simulation in a variety of other events. Are you interested? Call IDP IELTS team in your nearest IDP Office to find out the upcoming event schedules!

During exhibitions and expo, hundreds of candidates can sign up and seats are limited. If you wish to attend this class, make sure you follow the correct steps for registering. Here is how to RSVP for IELTS Coaching Clinic:

  1. Register as an Exhibition or Education Fairs participant
  2. Contact IDP office in the city of event, or send an email to the IDP IELTS staff in your city. (Want to know the details of your nearest IDP Office? Click on this link!)

In addition to the free Coaching Clinic training sessions, we help you prepare for the IELTS test in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening better through Workshop classes. In the Workshops, you will get much more intensive exercises with deeper knowledge and practice materials. Register now and take your step towards success!

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