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Australian Homestay Network

If you're looking for safe, affordable accommodation in Australia that has the comforts of home - the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) has just what you need.

AHN is Australia's largest and most experienced homestay management company, receiving acknowledgement and commendation for'appropriate' standards from industry bodies and in two Australian Government inquiries. Since 2008 we have placed more than 52,000 international students from 179 countries in secure, welcoming and culturally-enriching homestays. AHN operates in all major regions of Australia with dedicated staff supporting students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Homestay = Your Australian Family

AHN homestay is the ideal way to begin your new life in Australia. It's a great opportunity to live with a local family, experience the culture and get to know the city/town you'll be living in. Many guests tell us homestay is the highlight of their time in Australia and develop lifelong friendships with their hosts.

Secure and welcoming hosts

Our hosts offer more than rooms for rent; they offer a support system and authentic interest in welcoming a student to Australia. All hosts undergo training, background checks, in-home interviews and home inspections to be part of the AHN community.

Your homestay host will teach you local customs, help you improve your language skills and encourage you to participate in activities. They will also help you with the basics such as:

  • buying transport tickets
  • where the local shops are
  • how to access banking, internet and mobile phone services;
  • and personal safety tips.

Value for money

AHN has a range of meal packages to suit different needs and budgets. Each location has student pricing specific to the living costs and services available in that region. Accommodation, internet and utilities are included in the cost, saving you from extra expenses.

We also offer a flexible length of stay (minimum 4 weeks) with the option to extend - no long-term contracts, bond or lease required. Homestay is an excellent way to find your feet while you begin your studies and build the confidence to move to independent accommodation or share housing once you've settled in.

Why AHN should be your #1 choice for homestay

  • State/territory government background checks and clearances for hosts
  • Personalised matching process based on student and host preferences
  • Homestay management and support throughout the placement
  • Flexible, secure and affordable alternative to renting or when on-campus accommodation is at capacity
  • Optional airport pick up
  • Professional 24/7 phone support
  • Homestay insurance included
  • Automated online payments for students and hosts
  • Range of payment options including Alipay, PayPal and internet banking
  • Online training and orientation for hosts and students
  • Web-based Homestay Management System (HMS) with Google Translate

See what students are saying about AHN Homestay 

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