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IDP International Student Guide

For international students who have reached out to us and get one of these IDP services: enjoy the smooth ride and have fun living your dreams! If you need us though, don’t worry. Our support doesn’t stop even after your graduation. We understand that there are many things to set up in your new country–a new study environment, social life, weekend trips, finances to manage, part-time job search, activities to enrich your experience, and many more. Since all these may seem overwhelming, you can ask for assistance from your IDP’s counsellors throughout your journey. Simpler yet, you can read our handy guide here:

What to Pack

Could your next ideal course be in one of USA’s leading universities?

Study tips

You know you’re better educated when you start study smarter, not harder. Read more here.

Job seeking tips

Want to get a job experience (and extra money) while you’re abroad? Read the insiders’ tips here.

Networking and socializing

Check our guide on building international networks, and hopefully friendships that last a lifetime.

Things to do in your destination

Pursuing education in a different part of the world means you also get to do fun things along the way!
Managing finances abroad
Learn more on how to save and handle your money overseas.
Dealing with stress
Learn how to deal with culture shock and how to relieve stress during your overseas study.
Enriching your experience

Learn 4 activities beyond the classroom which can greatly improve your soft skills.

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