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Things to do in your destination

Fun activities to enjoy on weekends


Studying abroad also gives you opportunities to explore, have fun, and make memories.


Don’t miss the chance to experience Australia’s wonders. From the iconic Sydney Opera House, spectacular beaches and aquatic wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, to seeing kangaroos and koalas in the wild, plenty of adventures await you in Australia. Aside of the bustling of city life, plan your weekends to walk scenic trails, enjoy coastal road trips, hangout in local markets, or have a barbeque party with friends.

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United Kingdom

Studying in UK means you will also be able to do these amazing things: visit exquisitely built British landmarks like Big Ben and other centuries-old cathedrals & castles; see around the beautiful city from London Eye; go to your favorite musicians’ concerts right at their home country; see closer the Royals residences such as Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace; immerse yourself in literature, arts, and culture attractions; and shop countless choices of quality products. What’s more, by studying in UK you will get closer access to countries in European Union.

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United States of America

As a student in United States, you have a great opportunity to enjoy the melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, and religions between 275 million people in the land that is spread over 9 million km2. You can immerse yourself in nature hiking through picturesque national parks, have a try on American food and drinks you always see in Hollywood movies, go to Las Vegas, or have fun at the best amusement parks in the world.

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Most international students won’t forget the first time Canada welcome them with its pristine nature. Plan your trip well during study breaks, and you’re one step away from seeing the magical Northern Lights, the great Niagara Falls, meeting a polar bear in Manitoba and breath-taking sceneries of Rocky Mountain at Banff National Park. Depending on the season, there are so many choices of outdoorsy activities: mountain biking, canoe paddling, playing hockey, stargazing, skiing, wild camping, even beluga watching, you name it! If you’re seeking opportunities to enhance work experience while you study, then you can benefit from Canada's co-op programs.

Click here to explore Canada.

New Zealand

The home of The Lord of the Rings movie’s Middle-earth has so much to offer for you as a student. Its place on the Pacific Ring of Fire has shaped New Zealand as one of the most beautiful place on earth. You can trek through rainforests, glaciers, and geothermal phenomena such as geysers, boiling mud pools, volcanic craters, emerald lakes alongside ancient lava flows. You can also enjoy cruising around dramatic fiords, peacefully relax on beaches or wild rivers. Want something more adventurous? Queenstown offers jet boat rides, river rafting even bungy jumping.

Click here to explore New Zealand.

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