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Otago Polytechnic

New Zealand
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Otago Polytechnic is proud to be a leader in high quality, career-focused education with some of the best student achievement and satisfaction results in New Zealand. With three campuses and more than 7,200 students and approximately 674 members of staff, the institution have New Zealand covered. Students will find its main campus in the heart of Dunedin?s much loved scarfie-land which is a boutique campus in stunning Central Otago and an international campus in New Zealand?s largest city, Auckland.

Otago Polytechnic offers a wide range of degree and postgraduate programmes including a Doctorate which are all equal to those offered at New Zealand universities. With small and focused classes, there is no chance students will feel overlooked. The average teacher-to-student ratio is 1:16 which means students will be well-supported academically, benefitting from plenty of one-on-one teaching time.

International study and/or work experience is increasingly sought-after in the global marketplace, not to mention the personal growth and development advantages. Students at Otago can apply for a range of exchange programmes with its 80 plus international partner institutions. Wide range of programmes offers practical experience as well as theory giving Otago graduates a head start in the job market and institutions qualifications are widely recognised, both in New Zealand and around the world that prepares students for a global career success.

Auckland International Campus (AIC) has the big city vibe with a specialist campus that is set up to support students while they live and study away from home. The campus is located in a modern building in downtown Auckland, on Queen Street, right in the heart of the main shopping and business areas. There are excellent facilities on-campus and off.

Affectionately called ?Central? by those who know it well, Central Otago is New Zealand?s most inland region, located in the southern half of the South Island. It is breathtakingly unique, with vast undulating landscapes, rugged snow-capped mountains, clear blue rivers, deep gorges and tussock-clad hills. This is a boutique campus where students can immerse themselves in lifestyle learning and study some truly unique programmes. The programmes in Stonemasonry and Sports Turf Management are the only full-time qualifications of their kind in the country.

Set among hills surrounding a harbour, Dunedin is a modern city with gothic architecture, stunning natural beauty and rare wildlife. The city was founded by Scottish settlers in 1848. It was New Zealand?s largest urban centre during the gold rushes of the 1860s. Forth Street Campus is within easy walking distance of downtown Dunedin, right in the middle of the student district. Spread out over four city blocks, we have purpose built Art, Sport, Trades, Hospitality and Horticulture facilities and The Hub which provides a space for all students and staff to come together.
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