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Study now, fly later: Why online learning will benefit international students during this pandemic

From in-person teaching when borders reopen, online learning is now part of an exciting new normal.

Despite the uncertainty posed by COVID-19, you don’t have to push back your goals. Besides raising health and safety measures, institutions abroad are introducing blended learning - which comprises a mix of online classes with in-person teaching. With this format, students can kick-off their curriculum with online learning first, before flying over once borders reopen.

As the world continues to cope with the repercussions of the pandemic, blended learning, at first glance, might cast doubt among students and parents.

This is partly due to how online learning has evolved to play a fundamental role in one’s path to an overseas degree.

For students who’re still wondering if you can study abroad, or if you’re unsure whether online learning is effective, we’ve rounded up five key reasons that would help you make a decision.

Kick-start your journey today

While uncertainty remains over when borders will reopen, many overseas institutions from the likes of Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and the UK are rolling out blended learning. This way, your time is maximised and you can stick to your goals - before eventually flying over for in-person classes.

Fortunately for the UK and Ireland is not an issue as the borders are open for students to travel if they choose to start their studies on campus this Sept/Oct. You do have the option to start online before flying over for face to face classes in early 2021.

Teaching quality remains high

There are some concerns raised by students regarding online learning and one of them pertains to teaching quality. To address this, institutions assure that online lessons are taught by experienced lecturers who use sophisticated technology and communication tools to facilitate the sessions. Such platforms also allow students from all nationalities to engage with one another and make new friends.

Reduced tuition fees and living costs

The fact that students have to study online while borders are closed means the initial accommodation and living costs will be saved. What’s more, some universities are reducing tuition fees and introducing more scholarships - which will be helpful to those who are affected financially by the pandemic.

Get a taste of online learning with demo classes

Another concern that students and parents may have would be how easy - or difficult - it is to adapt to online learning. To take this into account, a number of universities are offering trial or demo online classes to students. This will help them understand and grasp what the experience would be like and to a certain extent, provide assurance. 

Time zones don’t matter

Since online classes are recorded, students can manage them and slot within their schedule accordingly. This solves the issue of variant time zones where students are worried that classes are only conducted LIVE. This sort of flexibility also means that students have the ability to customise their timetables and fit in other things that they plan to do - including working part-time to save up even more money for when they eventually fly over.

Apply and secure your spot today

This pandemic has created an environment where governments and overseas institutions are responding towards the needs of international students, and we’re here to make sure you get there.

All you have to do is to apply and secure your spot at your dream university, before launching your journey with blended learning.

Make a free virtual appointment with one of our counsellors to find out more.

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