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Located in the vibrant city of Sydney in Australia, UTS Insearch provides pathway programs that prepare students for academic success at university. Each year more than 5,000 students from over 75 countries study at UTS Insearch. Students undertake higher education diplomas, UTS Foundation Studies and English language programs.

Diploma courses are designed in collaboration with UTS. This means the educational outcomes for diploma students are the same as for first year students studying a UTS undergraduate degree. Students receive the same world-class university standards from day one of their studies and many enter directly into second year of a bachelor's degree* (*depending on course chosen and no more than two subject failures).

There's plenty of support to help international students succeed. Classes are small in size with no more than 20 students per tutorial. Support services are freely accessible to all UTS Insearch students and include the Learning Support Program, one-on-one tutorials, study skills workshops, and full-time dedicated Study Success Advisers. The support along with state-of-the-art facilities collectively enhance the student educational experience.

There are also numerous scholarships on offer that provide financial support to international students. International students can enjoy a safe and welcoming environment while working towards academic and career goals. Students can explore the exciting city and its natural surroundings and take in some of the world's most famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach.

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What's new

What's new

Remote Learning

UTS Insearch is currently delivering remote learning for all programs. The institution has been quick to transition with courses being taught via online video conferencing and collaborative tools using a combination of Zoom, RingCentral, Canvas and UTSOnline. Student safety is high priority and the switch to remote learning means UTS Insearch has proactively kept students safe while providing an opportunity to continue pursuing study goals.

609 Harris Street

UTS Insearch has invested in a purpose-built space at 609 Harris Street with a whole floor dedicated to collaborative learning, where multiple classes can run simultaneously while being supported with cutting-edge technology. While UTS has added two world-class buildings with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, UTS Central and the new library with online services are available while students study remotely.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Students benefit from small class sizes, extensive academic support and practical learning environments. Tutorials have no more than 20 students, providing an intimate and collaborative learning environment.

Teaching methods vary across programs, and classes are enhanced by modern spaces equipped with the latest technology. Program content goes beyond core subjects, students learn how to develop lifelong learning skills that will help them with their future studies and careers.

UTS Foundations Studies are delivered to international students by UTS Insearch while diploma programs are designed in collaboration with UTS. This allows diploma students to reach the same outcomes as first-year undergraduate students at the university. Therefore, UTS Insearch students receive the same high-quality teaching throughout their studies.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

UTS Insearch offers different scholarships to support international students each year. These aim to help students financially and to reward high achievers and those who have made a difference in their communities. There are many awards available, with a number of specific programs for student nationalities.

Scholarships includes:

UTS Diploma to Degree Scholarship for High School Graduates

High achieving students from Indonesia and Vietnam may be eligible for a 25 per cent fee reduction from a UTS programme after completing a UTS Insearch Diploma.

MEDIBANK International Education Scholarship

The two highest achieving international students with Overseas Student Health Cover through UTS Insearch can receive up to AUD 4,000 towards their tuition fees.

Pathway Scholarship to UTS

Six high-achieving international students from UTS Insearch each year have half of their tuition fees covered for the UTS undergraduate programme.

Students are encouraged to explore what's on offer by viewing UTS Insearch prizes. Students can also contact the student centre directly to speak to a university representative and get more information.

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UTS Insearch

Students benefit from modern facilities that enhance the learning experience. There's high-speed WiFi throughout campus, and over 600 computers available for diploma students alone. The UTS Insearch Auditorium hosts lectures, orientation events, graduations and other activities, while the purpose-built 609 Harris Street combines cutting edge technology in a beautifully designed space that harnesses learning for the future. Outside of studies, students can socialise in chill-out zones, outdoor areas and student lounges.

UTS campus

UTS campus has facilities that UTS Insearch students can use including:

  • New world-class UTS library – a short walk from the UTS Insearch campus. There are countless books, magazines, periodicals and other materials. It's home to group study rooms, computer labs and presentation practice rooms. Resources can also be accessed online 24/7.
  • ActivateUTS gives UTS Insearch students access to hundreds of social clubs, events and sporting activities.
  • ActiveFit.Gym – a fully-equipped modern fitness centre with group exercise classes. Discount memberships offered to UTS Insearch students.


UTS Insearch provides a unique urban experience. Based in the heart of vibrant Sydney, there are transport options, top attractions, shopping amenities, cafes and restaurants all close by. Plus, Sydney's start-up and entrepreneurship hub is on the UTS campus doorstep.


International students can find a housing option that suits their budget and lifestyle. There are student residences across the road from UTS Insearch campus, apartment rentals or local Australian family Homestay opportunities.

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Student support

Student support

Student Centre

New or current students can receive help from the Student Centre, the first port of call for support with:

  • Course information
  • Fee payments
  • Updating address and contact details
  • Student cards
  • Submitting medical certificates when sick
  • Confirmation of Enrolment requests
  • Welfare or accommodation enquiries

Academic and English language support

The HELPS Centre offers free private learning support sessions. It also hosts activities to assist non-native speakers improve their English language skills. The HELPS Centre provides many English language resources, from listening kits to current IELTS material. Study Success Advisers are also able to assist with further academic support.


Orientation is designed to set students up for success. New students learn all about UTS Insearch, the requirements and processes during various orientation events. They are delivered in a fun and interactive way. It's an opportunity to meet staff, teachers and other students. There are study success sessions which help international students get a head start with learning.

Mental health and counselling

Friendly, confidential and professional support is available to all students. Study Success Advisers can offer support for any issues relating to academic progress, finances or personal problems. For welfare concerns, UTS Insearch has a Student Welfare Team Leader while students can also seek support from the UTS Health and Counselling Service.

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Student safety

Student safety

University security

UTS Insearch is committed to making all students feel safe while studying and during their time on campus. Campus security is present in all buildings, responding to any urgent situations and present as a point of help for students. All members of UTS Insearch have identification cards which are needed for accessing campus facilities. This further increases security on campus by managing access control.


While Sydney has a reputation for being one of the safest and friendliest cities in the world, it's important students still practice precaution especially if out at night. Letting others know of their whereabouts or pre-booking a taxi, ride-share, or arranging transport with a friend are good choices. All UTS Insearch students receive a Stay Safe card with emergency contact details to carry with them at all times.

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UTS Insearch UTS Insearch
Rated4/5based on3 student reviews
Customer reviews:
UTS Insearch - by, 2020-01-08
3.0/ 5 stars
UTS Insearch UTS Insearch
Rated4/5based on3 student reviews
Customer reviews:
UTS Insearch - by, 2019-12-17
5.0/ 5 stars
UTS Insearch UTS Insearch
Rated4/5based on3 student reviews
great environment, great staff, great facilites Customer reviews:
UTS Insearch - by, 2020-01-29
5.0/ 5 stars

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Haymarket New South Wales 187 Thomas Street
UTS Insearch is the premium pathway provider to the University of Technology Sydney, Australia's number 1 young university. The programs transform the lives of over 5,000 students from 75 different countries every year. It offers leading academic English programs, UTS Foundation Studies and higher education diplomas that are designed with UTS entry requirements in mind. Each year, over 90% of its diploma graduates achieve the marks they need to enter a UTS bachelor degree.

The diploma courses are designed in collaboration with UTS. This means the educational outcomes for diploma students are the same as for first year students studying a UTS undergraduate degree. So, students are getting the same world-class university standards right from day one of their studies.

The Leadership Program gives students real-world, career ready skills early on in student?s studies. A series of practical masterclasses carefully crafted by industry leaders and subject matter experts are delivered in a fun and interactive learning environment. Students can be a part of work experience placements which is a great way to test drive their career.

At UTS Insearch, students have access to high-tech lecture theatres and classrooms, an English Language Centre and purpose built computer labs. More than 600 computers are designated for diploma students and more than 100 for English Language students. UTS Insearch campus also features a welcoming Student Centre, free high-speed campus WiFi, contemporary student lounges, kitchens and prayer rooms.

Studying at a campus that is truly connected to an international city, with industry and innovation on its doorstep, is a great advantage. Being in Sydney?s creative precinct means there are entrepreneurs and start-ups bursting with energy, new opportunities and inspired ways of thinking all around. As student explore Sydney and the local region, they will discover many social activities, sports, arts and culture. From breakfast at Bondi Beach to an evening selfie on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, students will create many unforgettable moments in this beautiful city.
https://images1.content-gbl.com/commimg/myhotcourses/institution/profile/myhc_295566_320px.jpg UTS Insearch https://www.idp.com/iran/universities/uts-insearch/iid-au-00515/

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