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Charles Sturt University

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Charles Sturt University  에 대하여

Charles Sturt University is dedicated to excellence in the delivery of higher education and has a well -earned reputation for providing exceptional education delivered by dedicated professionals with practical and relevant industry experience. As an Australian public university, it provides students with an internationally recognised qualification. In addition, the unique study locations can offer students an Australian experience like no other.

The institution is internationally renowned for applied research and ranked as world-standard or above in Environmental Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Engineering Education, and Philosophy and Religious Studies. The University has a range of study locations in vibrant regional cities and select courses in capital cities. The courses are developed in collaboration with industry representatives to ensure the skills their graduates acquire meet industry needs. Not only are it’s degrees accredited with relevant Australian government and industry bodies, these organisations are working closely with the University to guarantee that CSU graduates are industry ready wherever they may work.

The NSW campuses are located in some of Australia's fastest growing regional cities. They offer a unique study experience with the best of city living and the benefits of a regional lifestyle.

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캠퍼스 정리
-35.30528, 149.13743 15 Blackall Street,Barton,Australian Capital Territory,2600 Australia
가장 가까운 도시: Canberra
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:15 Blackall Street, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 2600 Australia
-33.42918, 149.56652 Panorama Avenue,Bathurst,New South Wales,2795 Australia
가장 가까운 도시: Sydney
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Panorama Avenue, Bathurst, New South Wales, 2795 Australia
-32.23618, 148.62924 Tony McGrane Place,Dubbo,New South Wales,2830 Australia
가장 가까운 도시: Sydney
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Tony McGrane Place, Dubbo, New South Wales, 2830 Australia
-33.80986, 151.29474 Collins Beach Road,Manly,New South Wales,2095 Australia
가장 가까운 도시: Sydney
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Collins Beach Road, Manly, New South Wales, 2095 Australia
-35.08405, 147.35598 Boorooma Street,North Wagga,New South Wales,2678 Australia
Wagga Wagga
가장 가까운 도시: Sydney
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Boorooma Street, North Wagga, New South Wales, 2678 Australia
-33.7914, 151.01741 16 Masons Drive,North Parramatta,New South Wales,2151 Australia
가장 가까운 도시: Sydney
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta, New South Wales, 2151 Australia
-33.25597, 149.1136 Leeds Parade,Orange,New South Wales,2800 Australia
가장 가까운 도시: Sydney
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Leeds Parade, Orange, New South Wales, 2800 Australia
-36.04389, 146.97853 Elizabeth Mitchell Drive,Thurgoona,New South Wales,2640 Australia
가장 가까운 도시: Albury
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Elizabeth Mitchell Drive, Thurgoona, New South Wales, 2640 Australia
-31.45783, 152.87613 7 Major Innes Road,Port Macquarie,New South Wales,2444 Australia
Port Macquarie
가장 가까운 도시: Port Macquarie
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:7 Major Innes Road, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, 2444 Australia

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