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EC Language Schools (UK)

United Kingdom
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At EC English Language Centre, the students can learn English to enhance and expand their career options and open up the world of education. The courses offered are suitable for all levels of understanding, and are designed to focus on the area of student’s choice. Students can choose an Academic, Business or General English Course and study in the company of like-minded individuals from all over the world in exciting cities like New York, London or Los Angeles. With the help of supportive, experienced teachers, state of the art facilities and the very best teaching materials, they will enjoy a life-changing experience and leave with the skills needed to pursue their dream.

EC offers a broad range of courses to help students meet their goals. They can learn English in London for history, culture, entertainment and shopping, this place has it all. With some of the greatest theatres, art galleries, and museums in the world on the doorstep, there won’t be a single dull moment.

London is the number one destination for the English language learners and may just be the right place for students. They can relax under the green canopies of the Royal Parks, or take a boat ride along the Thames River to enliven the afternoons before heading out to explore the city’s unrivalled nightlife.

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캠퍼스 정리
52.20595, 0.13275 Gibson House, 57 - 61 Burleigh Street,Cambridge,Cambridgeshire,CB1 1DJ United Kingdom
가장 가까운 도시: Cambridge
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Gibson House, 57 - 61 Burleigh Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1DJ United Kingdom
51.52857, -0.13174 Euston House, 24 Eversholt Street,London,Greater London,NW1 1AD United Kingdom
가장 가까운 도시: London
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Euston House, 24 Eversholt Street, London, Greater London, NW1 1AD United Kingdom
51.75376, -1.26104 Threeways House, Gloucester Green,Oxford,Oxfordshire,OX1 2BT United Kingdom
가장 가까운 도시: Oxford
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Threeways House, Gloucester Green, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1 2BT United Kingdom
51.45127, -2.59595 63 Queen Square,Bristol,Bristol,BS1 4JZ United Kingdom
가장 가까운 도시: Bristol
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:63 Queen Square, Bristol, Bristol, BS1 4JZ United Kingdom
50.82032, -0.1357 Dolphin House, Manchester Street,Brighton and Hove,East Sussex,BN2 1TF United Kingdom
가장 가까운 도시: Brighton and Hove
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:Dolphin House, Manchester Street, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, BN2 1TF United Kingdom
53.47827, -2.23706 17-21 Chorlton Street,Manchester,Greater Manchester,M1 3HY United Kingdom
가장 가까운 도시: Manchester
견적 생활비: -1
유형: 캠퍼스 내부
주소:17-21 Chorlton Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 3HY United Kingdom

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