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Richmond School District

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유학생 숫자
Richmond School District  에 대하여

Since 1998, the Richmond School District, through its Richmond International Education (RIE) department, has welcomed and helped thousands of international students from over 30 countries obtain a world-class education while studying in our public schools. The district consists of 48 schools, including 38 elementary schools and 10 secondary schools. Its schools offer a range of educational programs, services and support to help each student achieve success.

Richmond offers a wide variety of programs to accommodate a range of interests and needs. Individual students from kindergarten to grade 12 can choose a number of program options, from three weeks to one or more years. Each of its school have a number of clubs to join, from the school council to dance and robotics clubs. International students are encouraged to join clubs and teams to make friends and learn outside of the classroom.

All secondary schools under Richmond School District offer academic courses required for graduation in British Columbia, such as Social Science, Math, English and Science. This strong academic foundation is coupled with a range of elective and specialty programs that include middle and senior years International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), International Languages, Music, Visual Arts and Theatre. Its schools have large modern facilities with upgraded amenities such as gyms, automated resource centres, PC & MAC computer labs, WiFi connections, science labs, theatres and performance areas. Richmond students enjoy one of the highest levels of computer accessibility in the province of British Columbia.

Richmond School District is the 5th largest public school district in the province of British Columbia.

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Richmond School District
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