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The Colorado Springs School

United States
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The Colorado Springs School students develop 21st century capacities through their research-driven teaching methods and their commitment to project-based learning. Their graduates are uniquely prepared to think independently and to meet the challenges of a dynamic world with leadership, ingenuity, problem-solving skills, and personal integrity. The Colorado Springs School (CSS) was established in the early 1960’s by a group of parents, educators, and other concerned individuals who were drawn together by their desire to provide a strong, educationally innovative, college preparatory school for girls in Colorado Springs. As a school committed to preparing students for the future, their school’s curriculum and programs encompass the entire city, region, nation, and world. Lastly, they believe that a private school can and should serve the public good by creating leaders who are committed to serving others and leaving their mark on the world. Like any independent school, the school’s faculty and programs are supported by tuition, their annual fund campaign, capital gifts, endowment draw, and various other sources of revenue. They are transparent in financial matters and are committed to allocating their resources to accomplish their mission in an efficient manner.

Through superior academics and mentoring, The Colorado Springs School prepares students to think independently and to meet the challenges of a dynamic world with leadership, ingenuity, problem-solving skills, and personal integrity. The Colorado Springs School’s distinctive philosophy of education guides the school as it balances tradition and innovation. Equally influenced by constructivist educational theory and modern brain-based educational research, educators at The Colorado Springs School place students at the centre of every educational experience. Their committed teachers, dynamic and applicable curriculum, small classes, authentic assessments and real world seminars reach and teach students in ways traditional educational environments cannot.

At CSS, students learn actively, collaborate with their peers, present their work for review and take time to reflect on their learning. A superior academic curriculum prepares their students to succeed in college, and their commitment to teach social and emotional skills, leadership, and to foster ingenuity sets their graduates apart. At CSS, they utilize the best teaching techniques from all origins— Socratic seminars and cutting-edge educational technology are employed side by side to teach critical thinking skills, quantitative literacy, global perspectives, and writing skills.CSS is dedicated to challenging some commonly held notions about education. They do not believe that the academic disciplines should be “siloed,” that school should be separated from the real world, that tests can measure everything that can be known about a student’s learning experiences, or that students are uniform, empty “vessels” that need to be filled with rote learning. Entwined with the city’s early history, The Colorado Springs School’s campus creates a historic experience for students and visitors alike. Nestled in the Broadmoor neighbourhood, the CSS campus offers an ideal backdrop for educational pursuits. The Trianon boasts a stately 18th c. French exterior emulating the Grand Trianon at Versailles and is home to administrative offices and several classrooms. Beyond the academic buildings, CSS is home to the Louisa Performing Arts Center a 290-seat theatre, reception and gallery space. CSS also has wonderful athletic facilities in its fields and the Louise Honnen Tutt Field House.

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38.79018, -104.84081
Colorado Springs School, Main Campus
가장 가까운 도시: Denver
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주소:21 Broadmoor Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80906 United States

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