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Winter in Australia: How to Take Advantage of It

Snowboarding and skiing in June? You can definitely do that during Australia’s winter season.

By Peter James

You’re probably looking forward to your study abroad adventure in Australia – picturing yourself lying on the beach, slapping on some sunscreen and taking in the salty breeze.

But have you ever considered that there could be snow? Where people are fully decked out in skiing gear and ready to take on massive expanse of white snow you never thought possible.

Well, for those looking to escape from the summer heat, you've found your perfect solution! The months of June, July, and August are Australia’s winter periods. Before you get hung up on winter blues, think about the wonderful opportunity that you can experience.

Time to Destress

The winter months often signal the end of semester 1 in many universities across Australia – signalling a boom time for students to take a break and for international students, to take advantage of their study abroad opportunity.

Aussies are known for all manner of winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding. So why not make the best out of it and pick up some new skills!

Some popular ski fields lie in places like Thredbo in New South Wales, Falls Creek in Victoria and Mount Buller, also in Victoria. For those who are keen to relish what it’s like to walk through a snow-laden forest, you might want to consider making a trip to Cradle Mountain at Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania. Follow that up by indulging in the city’s Chocolate Winterfest and you’ll have filled yourself with multiple scoops of memories.

A range of other snow activities include dog-sledding, snowmobiling and tobogganing. For international students, it’s one way of making full use of your student visa!

Less is More

Also, since winter is considered off-season in the more temperate areas of Australia, this translates to affordable airfare, accommodations and car rentals. If you are a fan of activities such as hiking, you’ll be able to deal with lesser crowds and minimal pesky insects!

Hang with the Locals

There is a saying; when tourists go away, the locals come out to play. If that’s the case, this is your best chance to experience local culture in an organic way that you might never experience.


The best advice for study abroad students who are travelling to Australia for the first time is: “Leave half behind”. Quite simply, Australia is a country where you will be able to find almost everything you need: from toiletries and clothes, right down to electrical appliances and other essentials.

However, if you need to bring along your medications, do bring enough to last you for your entire stay abroad. Even if you will be covered by OSHC, do not assume your medication might be available in Australia - the last thing you need is a medical emergency. Likewise, for contact lenses, bring your chemical solutions from home.

Remember, try to make the best out of your time there, and make sure to always work hard and play hard!

If you’d like to find out more about studying in Australia or about pre-departure tips, simply book a session with one of our counsellors.

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