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IELTS stories and reviews from test takers

Lydia Ghisi

International Business Manager and writer, Brazil

After 10 months as an exchange student in Australia, having already graduated from high school, I decided to assess my English language proficiency. With my IELTS score (6.5) I was able to show my ability to communicate in English and also prove the success of the experience I had in Australia.


Eng Ramin

Phnomh Penh, Cambodia

I got a band score 6.5 in my IELTS results. Before the test, I enrolled in a preparation course at Australian Centre for Education (ACE), an initiative of IDP Education, where I learnt many useful tips and strategies to score well in the IELTS test from many qualified teachers and examiners. I also tried to familiarise myself with the test rules and format, in which I found the IELTS ‘Information for candidates’ booklet and ‘notice to candidates’ very useful. Last but not least, I practised with as many sample exercises and tests as possible.

I am planning to take IELTS again at the end of this final year at university since I am looking forward to applying for the Australian scholarship to study at my dream university – University of Melbourne. I would unquestionably say that IELTS benchmarks and redefines the way English language is tested.


Osama Sohaib

From Pakistan, living in New South Wales

I took IELTS because I wanted to immigrate to Australia. For my preparation, I used the support tools provided by IELTS, including the sample tests on the official website and the IELTS Essentials pack. My advice to new test takers would be to practice a lot of sample tests, watch English movies, listen to the radio and read the newspaper every day.


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