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Why take IELTS with IDP?

IDP is a proud co-owner of IELTS and delivers it through a network of 450 test locations across 55 countries.

Here are the top five reasons why you should take your IELTS test with IDP Malaysia:

1) Test locations that work for you

We offer IELTS at eight convenient and well-appointed locations across the country. Find a test location that suits your needs.

2) We are always here to help

We take pride in providing outstanding support service to ensure our candidates have the best possible experience when taking their IELTS test with us. Our team of IELTS experts are ready to help with any questions that you have.

3) Hear the difference

At IDP Malaysia, we offer infrared headphones for CD-IELTS.These headphones offer high audio quality and the flexibility to adjust the volume and strap to your own convenience.

4) Be better prepared

IDP offers a comprehensive range of free IELTS preparation materials to support your study for the test.

5) Getting your results

We give you the option to receive your test results via SMS service or through our secure online portal.

If you get stuck on any step while booking or preparing for your IELTS test, our counsellors will guide you through the same.

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