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Money transfers minus the stress

Money transfers are a necessity for most international students. But there are so many options, it can be confusing. If you don’t want to worry about direct bank transfers with high exchange rates, or if you don’t want to pay by credit card, we have the solution.

Why do I need it?

Money transfers are a fast and convenient way to securely pay for tuition, living expenses, and accommodation. Plus all the fun stuff, like travel and entertainment!

For your study expenses, funds from your home country can be paid in local currency and transferred in your destination country currency to each recipient, such as your university or accommodation provider.

For some countries, your living expenses can be transferred directly into your bank account – in your local currency. You can withdraw your money at ATMs when you reach.

Tell me more

We’ve teamed up with Cohort Go, Flywire & Western Union, to make it easy for you to set up your money transfer. It’s quick and easy to get started online. Your IDP counsellor can guide on how to set up your money transfers. 

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Education payments made easy.

Trusted by millions of students around the globe, Flywire is the safest, most convenient way to make your education payment.

  • Best Price Guarantee*
  • Secure, convenient payment provider.
  • Pay in your local currency.
  • No unexpected fees.
  • Real-time payment tracking.
  • 24x7 multilingual customer support.

*Local Bank transfer only

Pay your study fees the smarter way.

Cohort Go is a unique global payments platform offering a fairer, smarter and easier way to pay your international education fees.

Securely pay tuition fees, living expenses and other education expenses in your local currency with competitive foreign exchange rates and no fees.

Get your study experience off to a flying start with:

  • Instant quotes in your local currency.
  • Competitive foreign exchange rates, saving you money.
  • No transfer fees from us, ever.
  • Real-time payment tracking every step of the way.
  • Outstanding support team to help get you ready to GO.

The Fast and Easy Way to Make International Student Payments

Pay your tuition, accommodation or insurance fees quickly and easily with WU® GlobalPay for Students*. Trusted by education institutions in Australia, Canada, US, UK, and New Zealand and by students around the world to allow you to pay fees in your local currency.

Why you should use GlobalPay for Students

  • Make payments online via bank transfer, credit card or local e-wallets. Use payment methods you know and trust from your home country such as AliPay, UnionPay, GeoSwift and ICICI bank
  • Pay student fees and accommodation expenses in your local currency. Choose from a variety of currencies.
  • Get peace of mind by tracking your payment every step of the way with status updates by SMS or email.
  • Competitively priced exchange rates locked in
  • Payments posted quickly to expedite visa and enrolment processes
* Western Union accepts payments and provides foreign exchange services on behalf of its educational institution clients and not as a payment service provider for student payors.

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