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Study International Relations

International Relations is a field of study that theorises relationship-building between countries. Students are equipped with the necessary tools to comprehend geopolitical systems and how to navigate the knotted straits of the present world order.

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8% expected growth in employment opportunities


average annual income of top earners


job satisfaction — placing it in the top 25% of all professions

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$71,788 is the average annual salary of International Relations graduates

International Relations is an interdisciplinary field that tackles issues of politics, economics and socio-cultural at the international level. You explore how domestic and regional factors influence relations between actors on the world stage. Diplomacy and foreign policy are key areas of focus as well as the international institutions that facilitate them.

Students learn theoretical frameworks in International Relations that enables them to envision lucidly the dynamics between countries. Some modules students can expect to study are international law, conflict resolution, international trade, defence and strategic studies, peace studies, globalisation and human rights.

During your studies, you’ll develop a host of transferrable skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills and strong communication skills opening up numerous career paths for you.
International Relations graduates must also be able to work in diverse cultures and adapt to different socio-political conditions quickly. Furthermore, good communication and negotiation skills are expected to handle a diplomatic situation with deftness. If you enjoy immersing yourself in different cultures, collaborating and possess critical analysis skills, then odds are you’ll thrive in this field.
You have multiple options when it comes to studying International Relations. Although entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree will not only give you a broad understanding of the field but qualify you for affiliated jobs in travel, tourism and the hospitality industry.

A bachelor’s in International Relations provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the field and familiarises you with the jargon. This qualifies you for most entry-level and some mid-level occupations. A bachelor’s degree is typically 3-4 years in duration and costs on average around $27,896 per year in the US.

After completing your bachelor’s you can pursue a master’s degree to scale into your career and develop a deeper understanding of International Relations. A master’s degree is typically 2 years in duration and can cost anywhere between £17,250 to £30,000 per year in the UK.

For those considering executive posts or academic roles, a PhD in International Relations is an excellent acquisition. PhD students are expected to display a deep understanding of the field as well as proficiency in a foreign language. They are expected to research in a niche such as international politics, international trade, political communication or strategic studies.
The job market for International Relations graduates is expected to grow by 8% over the decade. This illustrates that globalisation and interconnectivity has allowed International Relations to expand. The growing professional opportunities with high job satisfaction rates make this a welcome field of study with bright prospects.
There is a wide range of career options to choose from for students who wish to pursue an education in International Relations.


A diplomat is a representative of his nation and safeguards the national interests of his home country abroad. Diplomats enhance collaboration between countries and provide consular services to expats in the host country. Their responsibilities include liaising between countries, negotiating pacts and enhancing socio-cultural harmony between the populous of his host and home country. The average annual salary of a diplomat is $87,000.

Political Analyst

As a graduate of International Relations, you might opt to become a political analyst either employed by the federal government or an independent think tank. Your job role may include analysing government policies, forecasting political trends and proffering advice to policymakers. The average annual salary of a political analyst is $94,000.

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts collect data and analyse it to provide actionable intelligence. They create reports, charts and maps to illustrate connections they’ve made using the data they gathered. They also maintain databases, files and archives of sensitive information. The average annual salary of an intelligence analyst is $75,500.

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