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Launceston Church Grammar School



Launceston Church Grammar School is one of the leading independent primary and secondary educational institutions in Australia. Founded over 170 years ago, it has built a formidable reputation for delivering world-class, co-educational, and boarding education for young people.

The school enrols students up to Grade 12, so is the perfect place to study for students looking to transition on to leading universities in Australia and beyond. The school prides itself on delivering a diverse, inspiring and confidence-building programme of education, tailored towards producing the global leaders of tomorrow. The school enjoys excellent academic results amongst its students every year, and sees a majority of its students go on to study at universities such as Melbourne, Monash and USNW or other leading institutions around the globe.

Launceston Grammar School is based in Launceston, Australia, a vibrant and safe city located amongst the stunning natural landscapes of Tasmania. The school is accessible from Melbourne in under an hour by plane.

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What's new

What's new

Leadership Lunch Programme

The school has recently launched a leadership programme for its students, which aims to educate and inspire confidence, leadership in action, and other transferable skills. Through an exciting programme designed by experts and professionals in a variety of sectors, students benefit from a timetable of uniquely inspiring talks and discussions. This is a great addition to their current curriculum which works together to cultivate a new generation of leaders from the school's student community.

Entrepreneurs Club

In 2020, Launceston Grammar School unveiled a new club dedicated to providing high achieving students the education, skills and inspiration necessary to develop their business ideas and professional potentials.

Students joining the Entrepreneurs Club will be able to access a number of highly valuable opportunities including visiting speakers, professional mentors, business modelling and skills workshops for ambitious students to learn about entrepreneurship and making their ideas a reality.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Launceston Church Grammar School is dedicated to cultivating a supportive and rich educational environment in which its students are able to confidently express themselves and develop their academic strengths. The school is staffed by expert educators who are sensitive to each student's individual needs. Through studying at Launceston, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel at a university level and beyond.

The school is renowned for its exploration of new, innovative, and impactful learning models. This includes practical, experience-based learning which utilises the school's excellent placement amongst some of Australia's finest natural landscapes and features. Alongside a robust academic curriculum supplemented by a huge range of additional activities and opportunities, students at Launceston emerge with a highly valued and sought-after educational certificate, and top grades.

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Department structure

Department structure

Launceston Church Grammar School is structured into a number of departments across which students will study during their time there. All departments in the school function in collaboration with each other in order to provide high-quality, flexible, and personalised progression for students according to their individual interests. The school specialises in future-focused programmes of study, supplemented by co-curricular opportunities covering a breadth of subjects and skills which are often overlooked by other schools. These include outdoor education, agricultural science, aviation, photography and mountain biking.

International students attending Launceston will find that the broad range of core and additional subjects offered, allow them to acquire a globally recognised Tasmanian Certificate of Education.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Launceston Church Grammar School is committed to ensuring that admission remains accessible to applicants from all backgrounds. Entry to the school is competitive, and there are many accepted routes towards the entry. While admission is not guaranteed, the school considers all applications and early submission is advised.

Prospective students will need to provide the following documents and evidence, in order for their application to be considered:

  • A completed enrolment application form
  • Birth certificate
  • Latest school report if relevant
  • A non-refundable fee of AUD 110
  • A copy of the visa grant notice and passport if applying as a permanent or temporary resident
  • AEAS test results within the last 12 months if English is not the native language

Applicants to Launceston will also need to complete an interview before having their place at the school confirmed. These interviews are carried out by the Head of the relevant campus being applied to (Junior or Senior). This interview is useful for applicants to discuss their expectations and ambitions around attending the school.

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Students at Launceston Church Grammar School will be able to benefit from a wide range of cutting-edge facilities, modern amenities, and high standard educational spaces. In addition to this, the school regularly invests in state-of-the-art recreational and sporting facilities, which support the wide array of sports teams and activities that students can get involved in.

The school is located in the city of Launceston, situated at the northern end of Tasmania, Australia. Launceston has recently been named Australia's most family-friendly city, and hosts a diverse population of over 105,000 people, in addition to a thriving cultural and business scene. The city is proud of its historic parks, buildings and streets, and offers a wide array of dining, sporting and entertainment options. It is compact and easy to navigate, and has a rich relationship with the school community.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

Launceston Church Grammar School is committed to ensuring that all students that pass through its doors are afforded the opportunity to achieve their personal and academic potentials. In light of this, the school seeks to support any students who may not be able to readily access the fantastic opportunities available at Launceston due to their financial situation.

The school offers an impressive range of scholarships across all years in order to reflect the high value placed on diversity and equal opportunity among its student population. Each scholarship has specific assessment and award criteria, and applicants should check these carefully before applying. These scholarships may be able to cover the cost of tuition, equipment, or other expenses.

Further documentary evidence may be needed to accompany application forms for scholarships, such as school reports or certificates of achievement.

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Average cost of living in Australia

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At Launceston Church Grammar School
Launceston Grammar Ansons Story English
Launceston Grammar School
At Launceston Church Grammar School
At Launceston Church Grammar School
At Launceston Church Grammar School
At Launceston Church Grammar School
East Launceston Tasmania 10 Lyttleton Street
Mowbray Tasmania 36 Button Street
Launceston Church Grammar School was founded in 1846 and is a co-educational independent school located in Tasmania, Australia. The school is affiliated with the Anglican Church and enrol students from Early Learning to Grade 12. The Girls Boarding House and Boys Boarding House can each host up to 40 students from Grades 5 to 12.

Launceston Grammar aims to provide an education that is globally contemporary, evidence-informed, responsive, relevant and therefore sought after in Tasmania and beyond. The School is committed to providing an educational environment in which students can feel confident to express and develop their individual strengths, are keen to take on new challenges, feel a strong sense of responsibility for their own community, are willing to make decisions for themselves, and act with integrity.

Every student plays at least one of the wide range of sports available each year. Students can participate in soccer, badminton, tennis, athletics, basketball, rowing, netball and many more options. Performing arts are highly valued and students can perform in choirs, orchestras, small music groups or in drama performances. Public speaking is an activity strongly promoted among students. Visual Arts, Media and Visual Productions are all facilitated on campus in our own art gallery, called Poimena. Under the care, training and supervision of its highly qualified outdoor education staff, every student from Grade 7-10 participates in at least one week-long camp. These camps are set in the beautiful Tasmanian environment where students learn many life skills.

The school staff aims to teach students self-directed research skills to allow them to make informed choices relating to their future options. The dedicated staff offer information and assistance in all aspects of applications to tertiary institutions or for scholarships. Lauceston have excellent relationships with both mainland institutions and with the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

The school is situated on two campuses in Launceston. The Junior Campus is set within historic grounds in East Launceston, close to the CBD and the Senior Campus is located in the beautiful grounds at Mowbray Heights overlooking the Tamar River.
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