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Health and support services abroad

There’s a gamut of health and support services available for international students

Studying abroad is indeed an exciting, lively, and fulfilling experience, but equally challenging given you’ll have to adjust to a new culture altogether. To ease your transition and enhance your study abroad experience from application to graduation, most institutions have developed support systems in place.

1. Pre-arrival support

Many international institutions design a welcome pack or guide for their international students. This is available online or dispatched via mail once your admission is confirmed. It contains valuable information about studying at the host institution and what to expect once you arrive.

2. Orientation programs

Adjusting to a new place and culture takes some time. To ease this, international institutions organise orientation programs to provide you with the necessary support and information required to settle in. This is a good way to connect with fellow students as well.

3. Staff support

Many institutions encourage their staff members to be available for international students via phone, email and personally to resolve any issues a student may have so they don’t panic or get stressed.

4. Excursion activities

At some institutions, support services are not only about resolving issues, some also ensure that students enjoy their time at the university. They draft calendars packed with events and games to help international students network while promoting cultural exchange. In blended learning, these events are held online.

5. Medical insurance

Every country requires international students to submit the details of their medical insurance during their admission and immigration process to ensure you’ll be taken care of in case of any emergency during your study terms in the host country. Some institutions also offer the same.

6. Mental health

Most institutions have a dedicated department to deal with issues like culture shock, stress, anxiety and offer free counselling sessions to students to help deal with them effectively. Other such support includes peer counselling, group counselling apart from sessions on time management, art therapy, study skills, and career guidance.

You can enquire about these from the student counselling centre of your institution or get in touch with your IDP international education specialist to know more.

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Updated on March 12, 2021

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