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International student safety guide

Simple tips to stay safe when studying abroad

Studying abroad is a unique experience for every international student but it is important to stay safe when travelling to a new country. To make the most out of your education and make memories for life, keep these simple tips on the top of your mind:

1. Do a preliminary research

It is good to research little on the country you plan to study in including information on the host town or city. It is a good idea to get in touch with current students to learn more about the area.

2. Keep alert

It is important to stay alert even in crowded places. Be aware of what’s going around you and if feel uncomfortable anywhere, it is wise to leave from there. Trust your gut and move away from anything that looks suspicious.

3. Take care of your valuables

Irrespective of where you are, don’t flash your money or gadgets around. This will only attract the wrong kind of attention from people (especially thieves or pickpocketers). Here’s a tip – try to carry cards to avoid loss of cash and watch out for stalkers if you withdraw any money from the ATM.

4. Choose your company wisely

Socialising is good, but it is important to choose your company wisely (especially if you venture out at night). It is a good idea to inform your friends or family about your whereabouts when you step out with a new group or people. For instance, if you are sharing an apartment, inform your roommates about your itinerary so they can reach out to you if needed.

5. Keep emergency numbers handy

Always keep a list of emergency contacts readily available. This will come in handy in any unforeseen situation.

Remember, that in the end your study abroad experience is all that matters, so better make it memorable and hassle-free. If you need any help or assistance, feel free to reach out to your IDP international specialist.

Know more about safety when studying in

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New Zealand

Updated on March 12, 2021

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