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Gerontology is the field concerned with the study of the various aspects of aging on humans. With the growing advancement of health systems, human life expectancy continues increasing, making Gerontology an all-important field of study for the future.

$60.42 billion

$60.42 billion estimated worth of global anti-aging market


11% employment growth rate by year 2028

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$78,616 is the average annual salary of gerontologists

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89,200 employment growth by 2030 for social workers including geriatric social workers

Gerontology is the field of study that focuses on the physical, mental and social characteristics of older aged individuals, and how these factors affect the aging process of these individuals. This is a specialised field in healthcare that primarily deals with the treatment and prevention of diseases in older aged adults.

The number of elderly people has increased dramatically in the past few years as better healthcare facilities and treatment options have enable people to live longer. That said, this has led to a higher demand of medical professionals that can cater to the healthcare needs of older aged individuals.

Gerontology is a vast field offering many career pathways to choose from. Gerontologists work in NGOs, hospitals and other health care facilities. They provide awareness and education to other health care professionals about the process of aging and how to appropriately care for older patients.
If you have an empathetic personality and are intrigued by the process of change over time, then this field is good fit for you. Ask yourself if you enjoy the company of the elderly and are you able to communicate with them well? If the answer is yes, then you have the temperament to excel in this field.

A gerontologist is a person who is empathetic, compassionate, detail oriented and consistent in his routine. As a gerontologist spends most of his time with elderly patients, he ought to have good communications skills. Elderly people can be tough to handle at times and gerontologists must be patient. If you think you possess the aforementioned qualities, then you should strongly consider this field of study.
If you plan to pursue a career in Gerontology, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in Gerontology. A bachelor’s degree in Gerontology usually takes 3 to 4 years to complete and costs around $31,000 per year.

You can also study Gerontology at the master’s level. A master’s degree usually takes around 2 years to complete and costs around $32,175 per year. This will qualify you for managerial positions in the Gerontology field.

You also have to option to earn a doctoral degree in Gerontology. A PhD usually takes 4 to 5 years to complete, and the cost of this programme varies markedly based on the institute you’ve applied to. A doctoral degree in Gerontology will lead you to research and educational roles in the field.
As the number of elderly people is on the rise, the demand for qualified professionals to care for the elderly is also increasing. Gerontologists help provide appropriate medical attention and treatment to the elderly allowing them to have a better and healthier life. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth for the Gerontology job market is 17%, that is more than double the rate of market growth for the average of all other occupations.

Non-profit organisations, social services agencies as well as healthcare facilities all have a great demand of gerontologists. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 59,100 job openings are estimated each year for social services assistants including gerontologists. In light of the statistics, it is obvious that the future outlook for the field of Gerontology is promising.
Use your expertise or transferable skills to enter a range of different career paths related to Gerentology.

Geriatric Social Worker

A geriatric social worker is a professional that helps elderly patients to move back to their homes after being discharged from a healthcare facility post-treatment. They often also provide therapy to the older age adults who experience psychological distress due to various medical conditions.

Gerontology Nurse

A registered nurse can opt to specialise in caring for the elderly patients. A certification is provided for their specialisation which allows them to specifically care for the elderly patients. A gerontology nurse is responsible for treating medical conditions affecting the elderly such as injuries, issues with movement, muscular pain and so on.

Health Educators and Community Health Workers

Gerontologists working as health educators have the important duty of educating the masses and healthcare practitioners about the process of aging. They impart knowledge about the various methods that can be utilised to improve the health of the elderly. They also try to implement strategies in their communities for the betterment of the elderly. Community health workers also play an important role by conducting outreach programmes and easing access to healthcare services.

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