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Study Health Support Services

Health Support Services has various applications in the healthcare system. An education in this field will train you on the various facets of providing assistance to patients, aiding physicians, and maintaining equipment in healthcare facilities .

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$40,690 average annual salary of health services workers.


32% projected growth in employment for health services mangers .


6,603,680 people currently employed in health support services in the US.

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$8.45 trillion estimated worth of the global healthcare industry

Health Support Services is the field that provides support services to the recipients as well as professionals of the healthcare system. These services include maintaining medical records and patient databases, keeping equipment safe, and transporting patients and medical hardware within and across hospitals.

The different aspects of Health Support Services include emergency, rehabilitative, diagnostic, preventive, hospital and home care. The main goal of these Health Support Services is to make healthcare more accessible.

Besides the primary care and emergency care, there are various health services that are dedicated to specific illnesses or health issues including mental healthcare, dental care, laboratory and diagnostic care, and nutrition support. Common course modules you can expect to study are public health science, physiotherapy, physiology and anatomy, health economics, health intervention, epidemiology, occupational therapy, and health communication.
If you have good communication skills and ability to manage multiple tasks at once, then you are a good fit for this field. Teamwork is another key trait, as Health Support Services must collaborate with other medical professional to dispense high quality healthcare.

To excel in this field you must be empathetic, flexible and have good time management skills. If you believe you possess the aforementioned qualities, then this career field is well suited to you.
A degree in Health Support Services is offered at the bachelor’s level. The undergraduate degree takes 3 to 4 years to complete and costs around $85,000 in total. After the completion of undergraduate programme, individuals can opt for a master’s in health services to pursue specialisation. The master’s programme takes about 2 years to complete and costs around $55,890 to complete.
The future of Health Support Services is promising, offering plenty of career growth opportunities and a handsome pay scale. The demand for certified healthcare professionals and allied health professionals is on the rise due to multiple factors: a growing awareness about health, improvement in medicine, increase in population and emergence of new diseases. Health Support Services is one of the fastest growing fields today. This coupled with the vast career growth opportunities in the field make it an attractive choice for many students worldwide.
Use your expertise or transferable skills to enter a range of different career paths related to Health Support Services.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistants help patients using occupational therapy techniques. They are responsible for keeping a record of the patient’s progress as well as devising custom strategies and plans based on patient needs.

Home Health Aide

As a home health aide, you will be required to assist individuals suffering from diabetes, cognitive impairment and chronic illnesses with daily activities. These activities can include dressing, eating, grooming, movement, and bathing. Another key role home health aides perform is regularly checking the vitals of the patient such as blood pressure and sugar levels.

Clinical Laboratory Technician

The key role of a clinical laboratory technician is to conduct medical tests and provide their results to the physicians and other health care practitioners so they can diagnose and treat patients effectively.

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