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If you possess leadership qualities and have an enterprising nature, then hospital management can enable you make your mark. Hospital management deals with the administration and operation management of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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$101,340 annual median wage of medical and health services managers


32% projected growth in employment by year 2030


is the average per hour wage of hospital managers

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139,600 expected job openings for hospital managers this decade

Hospital Management deals with the business activities of healthcare. It helps structure the operational system of a hospital system and other healthcare facilities. The process of administering everything from patient registration to scheduling appointments, document organisation to management of insurance records falls under Hospital Management.

This is the field to let your inner leader shine in a healthcare profession. A hospital manager is accountable for all the operations happening in the hospital or health care facility. To excel in this field one must have good communication skills, organisation skills and most importantly teamwork skills.

Hospital Management prepares individuals for leadership roles in the healthcare sector. It arms individuals with the techniques that help groom subordinates helping you effectively manage a healthcare institution, make schedules for physicians, and enhance the quality of healthcare. Hospital Management in essence is the field that serves as the bridge between physicians and patients. Common course modules you can expect to study are medical records science, health economics, hospital waste management, human resource management, inventory control, epidemiology, hospital planning and design, and epidemiology.
If you are a natural leader and enjoy supervision and management tasks, then you’re likely to find Hospital Management to be a rewarding career. A hospital manager is required to carry out several responsibilities simultaneously hence he should have good multitasking abilities as well as good communication skills. If this sounds like the traits you possess, then this is the right career choice for you.

Hospital managers not only take roles of a leader but also manage all the documents, appointments, consultation services and laboratory services. They tickle their inner leaders by training and supervising hospital staff.
You can study Hospital Management at the bachelor's level. This undergraduate degree takes 3 to 4 years to complete. It costs around $17,291 per year in the US.

To pursue a career in Hospital Management a master’s degree is recommended, which usually takes 2 years to complete. It costs around $18,961 per year in the US.

You can also earn a PhD degree in Hospital Management. It is a three-year doctoral level programme revolving around the discipline of hospital and healthcare facility administration. The cost of this programme varies according to the school you attend.
The field of hospital management is ever growing and very promising for the future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth rate of employment of health services managers is 32% by the year 2030 which four times higher compared to the average of all other occupations! The estimated job openings for healthcare administrators each year on average is a whopping 51,800. These statistics, decidedly, indicate that there is massive demand for healthcare administrators and managers.

With the emergence of new virulent diseases the burden on healthcare providers and facilities has risen, not least in the last two years. In this situation healthcare facilities and hospitals are on the lookout for competent and hardworking hospital managers to manage and deal with the overflow of patients more effectively.
Use your expertise or transferable skills to enter a range of different career paths related to Hospital Management.

Health Administrator

A health administrator is responsible for the administration of operations taking place in a healthcare facility. The duties of a health administrator includes but is not limited to ordering supplies for physicians, organising physician’s schedules and managing software to bill the patients. They also access and maintain patient records.

Clinical Research Manager

A clinical research manager supervises clinical trials, such as testing new medicines and medical hardware. The ensure that all legal and ethical requirements are met before clinical trials commence. A clinical research manager may be hired by a healthcare facility to help them plan their yearly finances and medical purchases.

Public Relation Officer

Social media campaigns and public relations are an important factor in the growth of a healthcare business. As a public relation officer in a healthcare institute, you will be responsible to build public relations through media, cater to complaints and manage reputation.

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