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Study Video game development

There are an estimated 2.5 billion gamers around the globe, a figure that is the result of consistent growth over the past two decades. As the industry is expected to further grow, studying video game development offers exciting career prospects.

$8 billion

Total size of video gaming industry was $8 billion in 2021


Expected growth of 14.5% by 2026 in U.S. alone


5% job growth in video game development last year


$71,000 average salary of video game developer

A program in video game development teaches a number of game engines, stylistic techniques to create immersive gameplay environment, 3D modelling, programming languages and the industry ethics.

The video-gaming industry has been on the rise since the start of the century and is currently worth over $85billion. The rapid advancements in technology have allowed video game developers to create life like games with high fidelity graphics, which has been a key driver for its increased popularity for video games around the world.
To become a video game developer you should have an analytical frame of mind coupled with a passion for video games. Creative individuals are most likely to enjoy and excel in this field. Storytelling talent and a wide ranging knowledge of gaming trends in the industry are also a big plus. Additionally, video game developers work in teams so you must be cooperative and a team player.
Video game development is offered as a bachelor’s degree in many universities worldwide. The cost might vary depending on the country you choose to apply. In the US, an average bachelor’s degree in Video Game Development costs on average approximately $38,000 to $80,000. Universities also offer Graduate programs in video game developments, such as Master’s in Game Design.

Due to the rapid innovation in technology, certifications offer an easy alternative to get up to speed on emerging tools being used in video game development. The cost for such certifications also varies depending on the level of specialisation. On average, a certification will cost around $1000 to $10,000, depending on the level of specialisation.
With rising consumer demand and rapid innovation driving the industry, a career in video game development holds a bright future. Recent innovations such as the ‘Play-to-earn’ model, big-tech’s commitment to development of the metaverse, rise of online gaming, suggest a rise in the number of users playing digital games in the future.

Conservative estimates suggest an 8% increase in revenue for the video game industry in the next 5 years! With a rapidly growing user base, a career in video game development is likely to be a lucrative and rewarding field.
As the industry continues to grow, there are multiple and diverse career paths in the video game development arena.

Video Game Artist

A video game artist is responsible for the front-end visual aspect of gaming. This covers areas such as animation, 3D modelling, creating concept-art etc. The video game artist is responsible for creating a seamless gameplay experience for users.

Video Game Programmer

A video game programmer handles the back-end programming side of gaming. This means being aware of technical aspects and different programming languages used in gaming such as Python, C++, Java etc. Programmers often work with an entire team and coordinate different game functions such as coordinating with the visual artist to make sure the project scope is aligned.

AI Programmer

An AI programmer in video game development is a new but important specialisation. As experts in machine learning, they are responsible for integrating user data to create a more personalised user experience.

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