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UK Study Guide for Beginners

If you are looking for a guide to studying in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will learn everything about the quality of student life in the UK including accommodation, city life, sports, the tuition, and whatever else you are confused about.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to studying in the UK.

Is it worth it getting a UK degree?

The first question that comes to mind when you are applying to colleges is, will it further my career? Will having a British degree increase my prospects of succeeding in life? Well, if these are your goals, the UK is one of the best places to pick. Every year, thousands of international students go to study there—which means there is plenty of networking to do. If you do it right, potential job contracts will be lining up.

Besides that, the UK is home to some of the best and most prestigious universities in the world. In fact, the Times Higher Education World Ranking places 23 UK universities in the top 150—only second to the USA. A degree from a prestigious school in Britain looks extremely impressive on your resume.

Another important thing to know is that UK universities are dedicated to helping their students into employment. With a careers centre that provides specialised guidance to international students, you will have no trouble finding a job!

Where can I study in the UK? Which city is best for me?

Well, to name one British city is to ignore the grandeur of the rest—there are a number of lovely cities that are ideal for international students. Beginning with the coastal paths of Exeter to the cobbled Glasgow lanes and rainy London afternoons; there is an adventure for everyone!

If we have to choose a few, we would suggest Sheffield and Bristol first; the former is known to be the greenest city in Europe, and the latter has the most amazing street art you will find anywhere. You can also pick Portsmouth, a city in UK by the south coast of England, known for its passion for sport, especially football. However, the honour of being an absolute heaven on earth goes to the lovely city of Edinburgh.

There is no one who doesn’t fall in love with this old city—the culture, the nightlife, the landscapes and architecture, the cafes and the ancient libraries—all of this makes Edinburgh a city you can dream about. If you’re living here, we guarantee that studying wouldn’t feel as tiresome as it usually does!

If you are spoilt for choice and quite confused, do your research well and discover the universities located in each of these cities. You will come to a decision quite soon.

Can I study for free in UK?

Well, studying in the UK can be expensive, but you can lower the expenses if you apply for a scholarship in UK. Some scholarships are fully paid, others are partial, depending on the granting institution. However, most of the scholarships for international students are given on merit basis. So, you need to plan very well and get very good marks to help your application stand out.

Explore top UK Scholarships and how to apply for them

What are the student accommodation options in the UK?

If you’re imagining studying abroad, you have probably thought about accommodation and other practical details. Worry not; most people who study in the UK immensely enjoy their boarding experience. You may be overwhelmed at the beginning but after the adjustment period is over, you can count on having the time of your life. To make it easier for students to settle in, UK universities offer lots of support in the form of activity fairs or sports fairs where you can sign up.

Most first year students prefer university accommodation, which means sharing a kitchen and living space with a number of people while you have a private room along the corridor. Some universities do have en suite bathroom options, but you will most likely share the corridor with 2-12 people, sometimes with a shared bathroom and toilet.

After the first year, you will have more room to choose your accommodation choices. You can choose to live in a shared house with some friends or choose a student-run private accommodation service.

Explore the accommodation options in the UK!

Is it easy to make friends while studying in the UK?

International students who pick the UK for their higher studies have nothing but praises about their experiences. The UK universities are excellent places to study because of their quality education and co-curricular activities alike. Most students find it very easy to find friends there and discover their life passions during the course of their degree.

Sports fan? You can join a UK university sports team!

UK universities are famous for their dedication to sports. Whether you are a professional looking to join the official college team or just a newbie looking to try things out, there will be plenty of options for you. ‘Social Sport’ sessions give students the chance to try out different sports and see what they are good at!

Sports are universal; no matter what language you speak or what culture you come from, you can connect with people based on what sport you play. And far from home, what is better than having a big group of people by your side? People who play sports are far likelier to make good friends—some they could even call family.

Support services for international students

Every university in the UK has their own way to support international students. While each one will have plenty of special career advisors and student counsellors, students can also get support from various societies or sports teams.

There are also events throughout the year that focus on helping international students cope better with the stress of living and studying abroad. For instance, the University of Sheffield celebrates ‘World Week’ in October that international students attend in their traditional outfits.

Studying in the UK can be a dream come true for many reasons. If you’re still thinking about it, we suggest you take the first step. Search for a course abroad and get going or speak with your IDP counsellor today to find the best options for you.

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