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How do we collect and display course information?

IDP Education collect course data from a wide range of accredited partner-institutions from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. We only show courses that are accredited by a recognised awarding body and are offered in English. The same data you see on IDP.com is the same data our counsellors use every day to find the best matches for thousands of students all over the world.

More information on key fields

Application turnaround time

This information shows how long you may wait to expect a reply from an institution. It averages the time between the application submitted date and the date the offer is received from IDP application data from since July 2015. Whilst useful to know, it should be used as an approximate guide only and is not a guarantee.

There are several reasons why an institution might be quicker or slower - how many applications they must process, how efficient the turnaround time is, as well as the level of automation with IDP systems. However, it’s a reasonably accurate guide for when you can expect an answer.

Fast Medium Slow

Less Than or Equal to 14 days

Greater than 14 days and Less Than or Equal to 30 days

Greater than 30 days

 When using this field, also consider the following:

  • Applications for some courses go to a department or faculty for assessment, and this can slow down turnaround times. However, this gets you a more accurate reply.
  • Research applications can generally take longer than other applications. This is due to the detail needed in assessing each one.
  • It is a guide only and should not be used to plan around

Please be aware that some institutions may not show a turnaround time at all, but this is generally because we don’t have enough data for a reasonable statistical estimation.

Application success rate

This data helps give you a reasonable expectation of your chance of entry. It’s always good practice to reach, as well as well as have institutions you have a good chance of enrolling into. This data helps you understand your chances of entry.

The rate is based on IDP data and is calculated on the number of enrolments to that institution divided by the no of applications to that institution. Note that some subjects or courses within an institution might be more or less competitive so should only to be used as an approximate guide.


We show information from different rankings systems, to give you an overall picture of how an institution is perceived over several metrics. Search ordering comes from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, founded in 2004 and trusted by students, faculty, university leaders and governments alike, are the world’s most comprehensive and balanced university performance benchmarks, covering all core aspects of a university’s performance: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

We also show The Complete University Guide for UK institutions and the Hotcourses Diversity Index for numbers around international student numbers and blend.

Course fees

Course fees are shown from online institution resources. Typically, the fees are shown in local currency, by using up-to-date currency conversion.

All other information

All other information is collected from online institution resources. If you think that there is something out-of-date or incorrect, please contact us at servicedesk[at]idp.com and we’ll make the change.

For Institutions

Making changes

If you represent an institution and you want to make changes to your course information, please contact servicedesk@idp.com and we’ll make the change. Once made, updates flow through overnight.

Logos and images

Logos and images are collected from our partner organisation, Hotcourses. Please log on to Myhotcourses.com to make changes to your site brand imagery.

مقالات مختارة

كيفية اختيار برنامج الدراسة

على الرغم من أن العديد من الأشخاص يكون لديهم بالفعل فكرة عامة عن المجال الذي يرغبون في دخوله، إلا أن اختيار برنامج الدراسة المناسب من بين العديد من خيارات الدراسة المتاحة أمر قد يمثل صعوبة كبيرة.

نصائح لنجاح الطلاب الدوليين في دراستهم بالسنة الأولى

لقد أصبحت على وشك أن تبدأ في تحقيق حلمك بالدراسة في الخارج. لا شك أن هذه الرحلة ستغير حياتك كثيراً، فلا عجب أنك ستشعر ببعض التوتر والقلق، فكيف ستعيش في بلد غريب بدون أهلك وأصدقائك الذين اعتدت عليهم؟

نصائح للبحث عن فرص العمل

يستمر عدد الخريجين الجدد الذين يلتحقون سنوياً بسوق العمل العالمي في النمو؛ ولذلك ليس من المدهش أن يشعر بعض الطلاب بالقلق من إمكانية حصولهم على فرص عمل بعد التخرج.

ببرجاء اختيار مستوى الدراسة

اقم بإدخال المادة، اختر من القائمة أو انقر للبحث

  • اابدأ في الكتابة، واختر من القائمة أو انقر للبحث

  • اقم بإدخال المادة، اختر من القائمة أو انقر للبحث

برجاء كتابة واختيار اسم المؤسسة

  • اكتب 3 حروف من اسم الجامعة واختر من القائمة

  • اكتب اسم الجامعة أو المدرسة واختر من القائمة