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Study Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the US

Enrol in one of the most popular courses of this decade

Many of us are familiar with the term Artificial intelligence (AI) because of the movies like iRobot, Terminator, and others. But do you know that this emerging technology was invented by John McCarthy in 1950? The popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been growing as an increasing number of companies are now using it to enhance their products and services, evaluate business models, and improve their decision-making processes. And so, more students are looking at it as a plausible career option. 

Why study AI in the US

US is a popular destination for students wanting to pursue AI. With top-notch faculties and resources available to equip students with the latest curriculum and hands-on practice, US institutions focus on a 360-degree approach when teaching their students. Other reasons why students opt for AI include:

  • Trending career option: This is a specialised branch of computer science that includes creation of intelligent machines that match humans in terms of functioning. It comprises areas like speech recognition, logic, machine learning, planning, and problem-solving. In fact, as per the LinkedIn report of 2020 emerging jobs, AI specialists are ranked among the top 10 

  • Leading country for AI technology: The US is home to numerous AI companies due to which it’s one of the frontrunners among AI superpowers. Besides, as per the “Center for Data Innovation” report 2019, the country has the maximum AI start-ups, with its start-up ecosystem receiving the most private equity and venture capital funding 

  • Booming job market: Despite being dominant in the AI sector, the US suffers from an AI skills gap, due to which there is always ample jobs for fresh graduates. Numerable jobs for people with specialised AI skills are available across different positions such as machine learning engineers, software engineers, deep learning engineers, data scientists, intelligent specialists, AI researchers, AI data analyst and many more


Eligibility requirements 

You are required to have a strong technical background to pursue AI in the US. If you have a basic understanding of programming languages and advanced mathematics like statistics, linear algebra, and calculus, it is always a plus point. While the criteria differ from institution to institution, here are the most common requirements:

  • For bachelor’s, you should have studied relevant subjects in your class 12 

  • You should have the minimum SAT scores as required by your institution 

  • Minimum required scores in English-language proficiency tests such as IELTS

  • For master’s, an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or other related fields

  • Results of your GRE Test

  • Academic transcripts along with a motivation letter or statement of purpose

Cost of studying AI in the US

The cost to pursue a bachelor’s degree in AI is estimated to be approximately USD 99,760 to USD 131,440* and for master’s programs approximately USD 27,180 to USD 79,056*.

*Indicative costs for the entire course

Some of the most popular specialisations in the US are Machine Learning, Decision-making & Robotics Perception & Language, Human-AI Interaction and Ethics & AI. 

Top 5 careers in Artificial Intelligence 


Average salary per annum*

Data Analysts


UX Designer


Natural Language Processing Skills Professional


AI researchers


Software Engineers


*Indicative; source:

If you’ve been thinking of enrolling in an AI course in the US, this is just the right time. The scope of the field is increasing fast and by the time you graduate, there will be a great pool of jobs waiting for you. 

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Updated on July 20, 2021

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