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Choosing the right university course using Ikigai - Arina's story

By Arina Aizal

I remember leaving high school with so many questions - what do I do now? What course do I want to pursue? Is this the right path for me? I was desperately seeking for inspiration from my mentors about finding the right university course. That was when I came across the word ‘Ikigai’.

Ikigai is a Japanese word for "a reason for being". For them, it's a reason to jump out of bed each morning. Using this method has proven to make people productive in their lives. Your Ikigai is the spot that overlaps 4 essential aspects of yourself and is personal to you. There are 4 steps to find your Ikigai.

Finding your Ikigai

Ikigai 600 x 600.jpg

The 4 questions you ask yourself are:

“What do I love?”

I love art, travelling, journaling, being inspired and inspiring others, blogging, creating content, connecting with people, psychological thrillers, learning about different cultures, diversity, inclusivity, feminism and the idea of empowering oneself. Similarly, list all the things that make you feel content.

“What are my passion and interests?”

I found that my strengths are writing, listening, communicating and expressing my art through journaling and blogging. I’m great at organising and using a planner that I can never leave home without.

“What can I be paid for?”

Look into the skills you have and think of the things that people would pay you to do. This requires some brainstorming and visioning! 

I could be paid to write articles on international education promotion or get a job that requires organising and planning! In the future, I could be paid working with organisations for children and women empowerment. There is so much the future may offer, and there is no harm in dreaming.

"What does the world need?"

Think of ways you can help to contribute to society! To me, I believe that the world needs more young people who are passionate about student wellbeing. The society also needs more organisations for sexual violence prevention, shelters for women and children, and people who are proactive in women empowerment. 

What's next?

Now that you’ve got the four aspects, the spot that overlaps in the middle is your Ikigai. Learning about myself and finding my Ikigai made it easier for me to find the path I’m hoping to pursue in university. I began to appreciate how unique and personal my Ikigai was to me, and how different it would be for other people, which is the beauty of it. We are all different individuals with unique gifts to share with the world. 

With your Ikigai, you can choose the right university course that fits your passion, profession, mission and vocation! 


Arina 600 x 600.jpg

Arina and friends at the University of Otago

Study options in New Zealand

In New Zealand, students can choose from a variety of courses and universities to pursue their dreams. Being an international student in New Zealand has changed my perspective of education. Students should be able to have the freedom to choose the courses they want, and the choice in creating the path for their future. 

As a student at the University of Otago, I find that the flexible degree structure eases the process of choosing the right course. There are hundreds of courses to choose from. I listed out all the ones I was interested in based on my Ikigai, which were; psychology, gender studies, criminology, sociology and human sexuality. 

For a bachelor’s degree, you can choose a major subject to specialise in, a minor subject as an option and other electives to fit into our degree. The combination of subjects is limitless, which makes it favourable for students who have an interest in different areas. Being a student also means trying things out and finding our path along the way. 

The university also provides course and career advice services for students who are unsure and figuring their path. These resources are readily available for students, you can simply book appointments with course advisors on campus or counselors at IDP.

There are more methods to use when choosing the right course, but for me, learning about my Ikigai was the first step. My ikigai might change over time but as for right now, I feel at ease, knowing that I’m in the path that would lead me to my goals. Finding your own personal pathway is a journey for students, and I wish you the best in finding yours.

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