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 Why choose Nib?

You are in safe hands with friendly service from real people, with easy claiming and visa compliant health cover for all. 

  • Health insurance that meets Australian government’s international student visa requirements.
  • Receive your OSHC Confirmation Certificate in as soon as 5 minutes.
  • nib is one of Australia’s largest health insurers, covering over one million people in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Claim quickly & easily using your phone or computer. 
  • Access to 24-hour support with the Health direct medical hotline Australia-wide. 
  • Access to nib’s First Choice Network, a community of doctors (GPs) and health specialists to take care of your health needs and help keep your out of pocket expenses low. 
  • Agreements with most of Australia’s private hospitals to help you save money. 
  • Enjoy friendly service from real people over the phone or face-to-face in our retail centres.
  • Plus, great discounts on big-name shopping brands, movie tickets, restaurants and selected health services with nib Rewards.  

Support when you need it, access to trusted health professionals and great value, easy-to-use visa compliant health cover from one of Australia’s largest health insurers.

Nib's OSHC covers you for: 

Hospital care

  • 100% of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee for medical services including your doctor, specialist, surgeon, anaesthetist, X-rays and blood tests provided in hospital.
  • Shared ward accommodation, same day services, accident and emergency and outpatient medical and post-operative services in public hospitals.
  • 100% of the charges for all costs for overnight or same-day hospital stays in private hospitals which have an agreement with your OSHC provider. 
  • Surgically implanted prostheses (such as an artificial joint for a hip replacement) up to the approved amount listed on the Federal Government’s Prostheses List such as pace maker, eye lenses, hip and knee replacements, human tissues and more. 
  • Hospital costs can be expensive, so it’s always best to contact your OSHC provider before seeking hospital treatment.

Ambulance cover

You’re coved for unlimited emergency ambulance transportation to hospital for admission and on-the-spot emergency treatment by recognised providers anywhere in Australia. A medical emergency is an acute injury or illness that poses an immediate risk to your life or your long-term health. For non-medical emergency treatments, you can visit a medical centre or clinic.

Doctors and specialists

You will usually see a doctor or specialist in a medical centre.

  • 100% of the MBS fee for medical services provided by a doctor or General Practitioner (GP).

    if your GP charges more than the recommended MBS, you’ll need to pay for the difference. This is called an out-of-pocket cost.
  • 85% of the MBS fee for medical services provided by a specialist. E.g. x-rays, blood tests and other pathology services.

    a medical service is listed under Medicare as $200 and your specialist charges $250. Your OSHC provider will pay $170 (85% of $200) and your out-of-pocket is $80.

Prescription medicines

Prescription medicines are medicines that your doctor must authorise before you can buy them from a pharmacist.

  • If you are prescribed medicine by a doctor or specialist, and the medicine appears Pharmaceutical Benefit Schedule (PBS) approved listing of medications, then you are eligible to claim up to $50 per approved prescription medicine, up to a total of $300 for single and $600 per family membership per calendar year (1 January to 31 December)
  • However, you will have to pay a minimum amount first before the above benefits are payable. This minimum amount is known [CM1] as the Pharmaceutical Benefit Schedule (PBS) co-payment fee and Australian residents must pay it too. This amount does vary each year.

    Example one:
    If a prescribed medicine costs $75, you will need to pay the minimum PBS amount ($38.80 2018 PBS Rate), and then your OSHC provider will pay a benefit of the remaining $36.20.

    Example two:
    If a prescribed medicine cost $200, your OSHC provider pays the full $50 benefit as per your OSHC, and your out-of-pocket is $150.00 which is a combination of the PBS ($38.80 + the remaining $111.20).

More information

For policy details please refer to Nib's OSHC Product Brochure

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