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Study Business and Commercial Law

Despite the evolving dynamics worldwide, the commercial and business sector has shown great resilience and growth in the past years. Studying Business and Commercial Law enable you to capitalise on this trend and increase your employability globally. 

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9% expected employment growth for legal occupations this decade


$57,600: annual earnings of business lawyers in their first year after graduation


5.6% projected growth in the market size for Commercial-Corporate Law Firms industry

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$136.7 billion: annual revenue of Commercial-Corporate Law Firm industry in 2022

Programmes in Business and Commercial Law are specifically tailored for students who wish to pursue a career in the corporate-legal domain. They are designed to allow students to gain in-depth expertise in both corporate and mercantile law and prepare them for a successful career as legal advisors. In addition, students gain transferrable skills such as negotiation, research, analysis, decision-making and problem-solving.

Studying Business and Commercial Law requires spending long hours on case studies and studying diligently to develop a firm grasp over business and commercial legal issues. If you are strong-minded, hardworking and competitive then this field of study is well-suited for you.


If you are looking for a successful career in the law field, then business and commercial law studies could be your gateway. Be it a small business or a large corporation, business and commercial law experts are required for handling legal concerns.


Business and Commercial Law is typically offered at the master’s level; however, this subject is being offered in a bachelor’s degree allowing students to break into the Business and Commercial law profession sooner than they otherwise would be able to.


Different universities are providing a LLM (Master’s in Law) in Business and Commercial Law all over the world. It is available in more than 200 colleges in the US. International applicants need a bachelor`s degree in law with at least an 85% score. It is a one-year course and the tuition fee varies between $12,000 to $70,000.

In the UK, LLM in the tuition fee for a Business and Commercial Law programme is £19.000 to £33,000 for a one-year program. In Canada it is a 1 to 2 years course depending upon the university and requires strong academic performance at the bachelor’s level for entry. The tuition fee varies between 10,000 CAD to 55,000 CAD annually. Whereas in Australia International students can expect to pay tuition fees from between $20,575 to $44,500 for an LLM.

A career in business and commercial law requires working long hours but rewards you with good salaries. Graduates have been known to earn up to US$57,600 in their first year. Salaries as high as $282,900 are not unheard of for senior positions.  The salary packages also include bonuses ranging between US$1,300 and US$51,200. that cover travelling and medical allowances.


The market size in terms of revenue for the commercial-corporate law firm industry is $136.7 billion annually and the industry is expected to grow by 5.6% this year alone! This paired with the overall increase in employment opportunities for legal occupations makes pursuing Business and Commercial Law a viable and lucrative career direction.

Use your expertise or transferable skills to enter a range of different career paths related to Business and Commercial Law.

Corporate Advisor

You can work as a business advisor for small as well as big businesses. As an advisor you advise corporations on how to increase business revenue and comply with regulations. It is the business advisor’s job to make sure that the company is following federal and state laws.


Financial Analyst

A financial analyst advises businesses and organisations on how they can generate revenue from investments. Financial analysts research the market to find new investment opportunities and prepare financial reports.

Corporate Paralegal


A corporate paralegal is a legal professional who assists an attorney in their work in business law. A corporate paralegal also pays attention to business laws and regulations to ensure that the attorneys they work with are aware of any significant updates or changes.

Compliance Officer

A Compliance Manager ensures that a company follows all laws and regulations while conducting its business. Compliance officers may review a company's records to look for any discrepancies in their validity. They also develop new procedures to enforce applicable laws and regulations on businesses.

Policy Makers

A policy manager oversees policies in an organisation to ensure that they are effective and comply with laws and regulations. Policy managers can evaluate an organisation’s existing policies to identify any areas that may need improvement.


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