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Study Computer graphics

Are you a person who is interested in graphics and design? Then, you are on the right track to build your future career! Computer graphics would be the right choice for you.

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Graphics professionals have high job satisfaction


Some Computer Graphics roles will grow by 13%

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The median salary of multimedia artists is USD$72,520


Federal government employees earn the most, averaging USD$88,090

Professionals in the Computer Graphics industry use their knowledge of graphic design and animation to create a variety of work like templates, web pages, videos and more. Most commonly, graphics professionals will work in advertising, gaming or entertainment, using computers and advanced software to produce art and assets for companies. Computer Graphics professionals sometimes also have a solid grasp of coding, which is necessary to create original web pages for clients.
Computer Graphics is an ideal career path for people with technical knowledge as well as creative flair. You’ll be required to think of original designs that still adhere to the company’s aesthetic, and also possess the technical skills necessary to make these designs come to life. You should also be able to work alongside other members of the team like programmers and account managers to deliver projects.

In terms of work life, Computer Graphics professionals may work in typical office environments, but are also able to freelance and work remotely. Sometimes, it might be necessary to work overtime in order to meet a big deadline.
Computer Graphics is typically studied at an associate or bachelor level. An Associate’s degree might cover popular design software programs and basic modelling knowledge, while a Bachelor’s degree will dive deeper into development and programming. If you’re more interested in the development side of things, a Computer Science degree might be a better fit.

As a general guide, an Associate’s degree might cost you around USD$26,820 a year in the US. In Australia, a comparable degree might cost AUD$40,000 a year. Computer Graphics professionals also tend to upskill regularly, so bear in mind the cost of occasional certificates or short courses.
The Computer Graphics industry is expected to see modest growth, with new developments in artificial intelligence, motion graphics and virtual reality keeping the industry exciting. In fact, roles relating to computer systems design have grown by 35% in the past ten years or so. Skilled professionals are particularly sought-after in the marketing and advertising industries, representing excellent job opportunities. 3D graphics skills are in particularly high demand, so it’s well worth considering a specialisation in this field for the best ongoing job prospects.
Based on the subject that you choose to specialise in, you can opt for any of the following careers:

Computer Game Designer or Developer

Game designers or developers use their coding skills to create games, flesh out the characters, fine-tune the settings and develop the rules needed for games to run effectively. They might also partake in brainstorming sessions with other members of the team such as artists, animators, audio engineers and programmers, working together to develop commercially successful games. Computer game designers or developers may also carry out quality testing on games before they’re released.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for planning and creating layouts and designs across both print and digital. Working according to their client’s vision, graphic designers will map out colour schemes, create original artwork and play with fonts to develop a winning design. This requires artistic skills as well as a strong grasp of relevant software programs.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write and deploy the code that is used within software products. In the Computer Graphics world, programmers will be responsible for creating the programs that artists, animators and developers use to do their work. This means you might also have to create end-user documentation to help others effectively use your programs.

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