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Learning Genetics allows you to develop an understanding of genes and the heritage of life on earth —whether it is about humans, animals or plants. Studying genetics is crucial in understanding different diseases and developing new medical techniques.

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$85,700 average annual salary of a geneticist

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8% expected employment rate growth in the US


Current geneticists in the US

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The field has been growing for 18 consecutive years

Genetics is the study of genes and heredity. In this science, advanced tools and technologies are used for the analysis of cells at a genetic level. Students learn how certain traits and qualities are passed on from parents to their offspring. Geneticists determine different activities of genetic components in a living body and come up with a variety of applications for this knowledge.

The classification of this discipline comes under molecular biology and biochemistry. To stand out for future potential employers if you incorporate the knowledge of information technology, mathematics, and computer science with it, that’ll give you a major competitive edge.

Studying genetics presents opportunities for students to work in areas like inherited diseases, cancer research, design of new antibiotics, genetic engineering to improve crops, and understanding how animal species become endangered. Along the way, with research and lab work, candidates also get some practical experience as a geneticist.
To pursue a degree in Genetics, you must possess skills like logical thinking, critical analysis, problem-solving, time management, teamwork, and strong interpersonal skills. If you’ve always leaned towards biology growing up the field of genetics is likely to retain and foster that interest.

In medical schools, all students are trained in scientific protocol, biological research, and laboratory practices. This comes on top of the rigorous coursework. If you think you’re studious or have a passion for the field, then go for it!
You can study genetics in several programs like bachelor’s, master’s, or a doctoral degree. There are also some short courses available in different institutions. Eligibility criteria to become a geneticist is that you should have a previous academic background in biology or any allied discipline. In the US, different colleges and universities offer bachelor’s programs in genetics which cost between $11,871 to 38,745.
Those who pick this career path can easily find employment in biological research, pharmaceutical companies, agriculture sector, or educational institutes. Since 2004, the employment graph for geneticists has been going positive and there is great scope for students. Know that it will continue to grow at an average growth rate of 2.69% every year by 2029.

Genetics is inter-connected with other fields of sciences like physiology, cytology, morphology, etc. The study of genetics has contributed significantly to many fields and will continue to do so in the future as well. Its applications are notably innumerable in medicine and the industrial production of various hormones. In a nutshell, the study of genetics has vast application for humankind and there is much to explore for new aspirants of the field.
There is a wide range of career options to choose from for students who wish to pursue an education in Genetics.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Clinical laboratory scientists play a crucial role in the diagnosis process in hospitals. They performs tests on patients and assesses the disease afflicting them. They enable doctors to identify the causes of a patient’s symptoms related to certain genetic diseases. And then, they diagnose it for an effective treatment. In order to pursue this career, you need to study some courses in the field of biotechnology.

In the US, the average salary for a clinical laboratory scientist is $23,614 per year.

Genetic Counselor

The primary duty of a genetic counsellor is to provide patients with mental health counselling relying on their expert knowledge in the field of genetics. Through this career, professionals work with patients to test them for genetic risks, educated them about genetic illnesses and help them navigate the world despite their genetic impairments. They also educate patients about treatment options for their individualised challenges.

The average annual salary of a genetic counsellor in Australia is $100,000 per year.


Pharmacologists understand how living organisms interact with chemicals and other substances. Their job involves working with other medical researchers in the formulation of pharmaceutical products like drugs and medications. Utilising knowledge of a patient’s genes, they can better determine how their body will react to certain medications.

This is one of the highest-paying careers in genetics, with an average annual salary of $118,574.

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