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Legal Studies deals with the relationship between law and society. It covers a wide range of subjects including business, human rights, commercial law and many more. Studying Legal Studies can lead you to a rewarding career in Law and beyond!

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$788.9 billion: net worth of the legal market

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43,000 job openings expected for paralegals and legal assistants each year

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12% employment growth projected this decade for paralegals and legal assistants


$53,000: average annual salary of legal studies graduates

Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary field using perspectives and lenses from political science, economics, sociology and history. Legal studies give you an understanding of how the legal system works, how regulations are formed and applied in society through the legal process. With the changing political scenario worldwide, legal studies has become of particular importance to help address legal issues related to society. Legal studies are theory-intensive but also impart transferrable skills that make you invaluable for any organisation. Some of those skills are problem-solving skills, analytical skills and problem-solving skills.
Do you aspire to make a difference in the lives of people and society? Are you passionate about law and the legal system? If yes, then legal studies is a good fit for you. However, the subject is relatively tough and might require you to burn the midnight oil and effectively manage your time. Some courses will require in-depth research and students need to have strong analytical skills and a logical mind in order to elucidate case studies and legal theories. If you believe you possess all these skills and are passionate about law, then you should consider pursuing a degree in legal studies. Jobs and career opportunities are booming due to the changes occurring globally in politics, legal structure and reforms.
In the United States of America, 996 universities and colleges are offering a legal studies program. The average tuition fee of colleges offering a Legal Studies programme is $19,356 for undergraduate programmes and $22,083 for graduate programmes per annum. In the UK, a bachelor’s degree can cost between £4,000 to £16,000 per year for a Bachelor`s degree program and £6,000 to £18,000 per year for a master’s programme. Australian Law schools offer LLB, LLM and in some cases, Juris Doctor (JD). The average cost of LLB ranges between AUD 15,000-33,000, LLM ranges between AUD 20,000-37,000 and JD between AUD 14,000-37,000.
The legal industry is predicted to become one of the major global markets. The industry is currently worth $788.9 billion with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) at 10.6%. By 2026 legal market is expected to reach $1112.75 billion! With the changing political structure and legal reforms globally, the legal industry is expected to generate more and more opportunities for people with a legal studies degree.
There is a wide range of career options to choose from for students who wish to pursue an education in Legal studies.


Barristers are lawyers who represent individuals and organisations in court for legal proceedings. They handle the legal matters of their clients. Most barristers are mostly self-employed while some work in government departments and agencies.

Company Secretary

A company secretary ensures that the company follows all the financial and legal conditions. You will need to ensure that the chairman and the board members are making decisions in line with state and federal law. Additionally, you will need to take charge of the administration when faced with a legal matter.


Paralegals usually work with law firms. They do most of the legal research work and provide their legal opinion when needed. They also help the firm lawyers with their cases and do most of the paperwork which includes filing documents in court, analysing legal data and recording witness statements.

Advice worker

Advice worker provides their clients with quality information and advice to overcome their legal issues. These issues can be simple problems or multiple cases. You can do this work in person as well as through emails and webchat.

Civil Service Administrator

Civil Service Administrators represent a government agency and serve the public. They ensure the implementation of government policies. You can directly impact people`s lives as you get to directly interact with the general public

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