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Tourism Management deals with the planning of vacation trips, making travel arrangements and everything related to the hospitality and travel industries. The professionals specifically provide their expertise in the food, accommodation and tourism field.

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1.8 billion: projected number of outbound tourists globally by the year 2030


Projected employment growth of lodging managers this decade

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$186.70 billion: projected size of tourism and travel market by 2026


Projected annual growth rate of revenue in the industry by 2026

Tourism, or the idea of people travelling to destinations away from their home for business or pleasure, is a growing field with many opportunities. For tourism professionals, these opportunities include work in the facilities where tourists stay as well as employment in the activities tourists undertake during these trips. People embark on tourism for all kinds of reasons: to relax, to visit family, to experience new cultures, and as part of business or professional commitments. As an industry, tourism is important for development, growth, and economic activity.

Tourism Management is a multidisciplinary field that includes all activities related to the tourism and hospitality industries. It prepares candidates with the experience and training required to hold managerial positions in food, accommodation and tourism industry. The main fields associated with Tourism Management include business administration, marketing, travel motivation and environmental factors.
If you have a knack for exploring new and different travel locations and enjoy travelling, then Tourism Management might appeal to you. Tourism managers deal with several clients with having varying needs and personalities, therefore, they must possess good communication and interpersonal skills. If you think you have the commitment, flexibility and foresightedness, then Tourism Management is the right educational and professional choice for you.
The minimum requirement to pursue tourism management professionally is an associate’s degree which usually spans over 2 years in the US. The two-year associate’s degree programmes in Tourism Management are designed to equip students in the field of management, marketing, financing and planning through a combination of coursework, fieldwork placements and practical projects. Most degree programmes culminate in tourism or hospitality internships and field experiences.

After associate’s degree, you could earn a bachelor’s degree for in depth knowledge of the field and to get better job opportunities. The bachelor’s degree spans over 4 years and costs up to $36,718 per year.

Further specialisation requires a master’s degree after the completion of the undergraduate program. A master’s degree in Tourism Management spans over 2 years costs up to $27,500 per year in the US.
The tourism and travel industry has grown significantly over the years. It is likely to grow further with better travelling facilities and growth in the world economy. Though the industry suffered a lot due to COVID-19’s travel restrictions, but with the development of vaccines and better travel conditions, the industry is back on track again. According to the World Economic Forum, the number of outbound tourists globally is going to increase by 57% from 2015-2030.
Let's have a clear look at a few important career options after pursuing Tourism Management.

Food and Beverage Management

As part of the food and beverage management team, you will be responsible for all things related to food and beverage from ordering products to hiring staff and balancing profit and loss sheets. The career requires exceptional social and analytical skills. The ideal candidate is organised, calm under pressure, service oriented and adept at communication. The average annual salary of food and beverage manager is $55,223.

Resort Management

As a resort manager, you will oversee all operations departments from the front desk and security to housekeeping and food and beverage. You will also be responsible for the overall success of the facility. This is a very diverse position that manages a wide variety of people. The average annual salary of resort manager is $47,856.

Guest Relations Manager

As a guest relations manager you are responsible for maintaining open lines of communication between staff and guests. The roles of a guest relations manager include overseeing other guest relations team members, including receptionists, concierges, housekeepers, and wait staff. This also involves assessing employee performance. The average annual salary of guest relations manager is $32,019.

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