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Adelaide Education Group



The Adelaide Education Group (AEG) is a future-focused institution located in the heart of Adelaide - the state capital and educational centre of South Australia. AEG has supported thousands of learners in Australia and around the world since its foundation in 2009. The organisation includes the Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT), as well as a registered school, the Adelaide International School (AIS), Adelaide Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) and Adelaide Research Institute (ARI).

Their head campus is based in the heart of Adelaide, which the Economist's Global Liveability Index has named as Australia's most liveable city in 2021 and the world's 3rd most liveable city! Adelaide is a diverse and cosmopolitan city with plenty for students to discover and a rich landscape of educational and employment opportunities. The city has many restaurants, cafes, bars and coffee shops, shopping and commercial centres, and a well-established arts and music scene. Adelaide frequently scores highly in quality of life assessments and is a fantastic place to live. AEG will also open a Melbourne campus from 2022.

Students will find an engaging and experienced teaching faculty at AEG. It's committed to delivering high-quality courses and content spanning multiple levels of study, from high school to university level, as well as vocational and skills-oriented programs. AEG specialises in providing language courses and additional academic support which offers motivated students the opportunity to add value to their educational portfolio and improve their long-term career prospects. The institution offers its own portfolio of effective and nationally accredited portfolio of courses and pathways to further study at many of Australia's top universities.

AEG has cultivated a sophisticated network of international partnerships, with strong links to educational establishments in Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Indonesia. The institution continues to develop its outreach and impact, while growing a global community of alumni, active in education, research and professional sectors.

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What's new

What's new

AEG represents a growing collective of education providers, offering an expanding portfolio of courses and opportunities in the Adelaide area. The group is continually reviewing its progression and has a long-term vision for success which includes the addition of several new learning centres within its ranks.

This year, AEG reaffirmed its commitment as an industry partner of the Smarter Region Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) , which focuses on creating jobs for industries in regional Australia and building the confidence and capability of regional Australia to rapidly adopt transformative technologies.

In 2021, the Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) was appointed as a partner training for the South Australian Government's Cyber Security Traineeship, while the Adelaide Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) launched its MBA program.

2020 saw the launch of the Adelaide Research Institute (ARI), which is a brand new faculty, dedicated to furthering the field of teaching and education. ARI is an independent centre, which will conduct research into teaching methodologies and professional learning, and will be a hub for innovation in education.

The new research centre will focus on the study of language in literacy and numeracy in schools and universities, and will encourage collaboration between teachers, researchers and curriculum designers, sharing resources and networks between education systems, institutions and nations.

At ARI, both domestic and international students will have the opportunity to achieve the globally recognised Graduate Diploma of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

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Department structure

Department structure

Adelaide Education Group comprises four education institutes:

  • Adelaide International School (AIS) - supporting students at primary and secondary levels, as well delivering the senior secondary South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) qualification.
  • Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) - offering vocational skills-based qualifications and courses from Certificate II to Graduate Diploma level.
  • Adelaide Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) - offering Bachelor and Masters courses in business and administrative studies.
  • Adelaide Research Institute (ARI) - A research driven teaching group, specialising in advanced methods for teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Between these entities, there is a huge range of government accredited courses available to learners of all ages and across a wide range of subject areas, from business, management, entrepreneurship digital media, information technology to cyber security.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

AEG offers a range of scholarships to both domestic and international students. These non-repayable grants are awarded based on academic excellence and/or financial need, allowing hard working students to subsidise the cost of study, and providing a support system to ensure the financial security of economically vulnerable students.

Adelaide International School (AIS)

Scholarships are available for students preparing for SACE, as well as SACE Stages 1 and 2 (Years 11 and 12). Eligible students can receive these scholarships, which may vary in amount from year to year.

For 2022, the SACE program will be available fully online for students studying from their home country. The SACE Online program has a bursary applied to all applicants for the year.

Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT)

Scholarships are available to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Meet the entry requirements of the chosen program
  • Evidence of high level of academic performance
  • IELTS overall 6.0 (for international students), or equivalent
  • Able to show commitment to completing studies
  • Long term plans for career or further studies

Adelaide Institute of Higher Education (AIHE)

International Student Support Scholarship - eligible students can receive a 30 per cent reduction in tuition fees for all semesters of their course. There are no separate application forms and the reduction is applied to all new applicants in 2022.

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About AIBT

About AIBT

Student support is one of AEG's top priorities, and each institute has a dedicated service to ensure that its students have the resources and guidance to develop both academically and personally.

The Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) shoulders the responsibility of guiding students between secondary and higher education, and nurturing long term interests and career pathways. To this end, it employs a full time student services team to provide all round support, including health and medical services, academic support, as well as financial advice and accommodation-based services.

There are study skills workshops timetabled throughout the year, as well as professional staff who can give free and confidential counselling to address a range of personal issues in a supportive and confidence-building environment.

Language support is one of AIBT's many strengths, and regular language tuition is complimentary for students enrolled in AIBT courses.

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About AIHE

About AIHE

In addition to support services, AEG places huge importance on the safety and security of its student population. Each year the Adelaide Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) publishes a student handbook as an introductory guide to incoming undergraduate and postgraduate students. After the basic locational details of the campus, Health and Safety is the first section featured, and the institution lists in detail the protocols and procedures which have been put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and staff.

AIHE's Work Health and Safety Policy and Procedure applies to all students, who are provided with additional training during orientation week. This training covers safety issues such as emergency procedures, evacuation protocol, Covid-19 measures, first-aid, counselling, and lists a selection of contact details for emergency service teams in the surrounding area.

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Graduate outcomes

Graduate outcomes

Whether taking the first steps into primary education, or settling into a postgraduate career in educational research, AEG provides a framework for success at every age level for those wishing to join the rich academic heritage of the city of Adelaide, Southern Australia. Whether a local resident, or an international arrival, this diverse and multicultural city is a busy hub of research, innovation and commerce, and the ideal place to embark upon a course of study.

AEG believes in education as the foundation to success, and specialises in increasing access to education through language and communication, developing effective relationships between students and teachers based on mutual respect and understanding.

By studying with AEG, the pathway of progression is streamlined, and the qualifications gained along the way add value to the educational experience, creating opportunities, and enhancing long-term career prospects. Students can feel confident that the investment made with AEG will realise itself many times over in their journey into further education or future employment.

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