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History of IDP

Inspiring students since 1969, IDP is the ultimate partner for your education.

IDP Education has played a major role in international education and development and we've been operating for close to 50 years, creating a huge network of opportunity with offices in over 30 countries. When planning one of the biggest investments in your life, IDP is the logical choice.

See some of the highlights from our history:

1969 – IDP established as Australian Asian universities Cooperation Scheme (AAUCS) to deliver development assistance to universities in South-East Asia.

1981 – AAUCS changed its name to the International Development Program (IDP).

IDP office opened in Jakarta, Indonesia.

1986 – IDP established a new business providing counselling to international students planning to study in Australia.

IDP established office in Manila, Philippines.

1987 – IDP established in Singapore. IDP organised its first annual workshop Overseas Students: With new approaches and practices, it evolved into the Australian International Education Conference (AIEC), one of the world's principal international education conferences.

1988 - IDP established in Thailand.

1989 - IELTS launched (International English Language Testing System) by IDP, British Council and Cambridge Assessment.

1990 - IDP established in Malaysia and Taiwan.

1993 - IDP established in China.

1995 - IDP established in India and Vietnam.

1996 - IDP Education Australia Ltd is wholly owned by 38 Australian universities.

1997 – IDP established in Mauritius.

2006 - SEEK Ltd acquired 50% shareholding in IDP; the remaining 50% is held by Australian university shareholders.

2009 - IDP launched its multi-destination strategy by establishing in the US and began student placement in US universities.

2010 - New IDP office opened in Shenzen, China. Three new offices opened in India: Coimbatore, West Delhi and Kolkata.

New IDP offices opened in Middle East: Libya and Egypt.

IDP opened office in Cardiff, United Kingdom, in preparation for its entry into the UK higher education market.

2011 - IDP began helping students apply for Canadian and New Zealand universities.

New IDP office opened in Istanbul, Turkey.

New IDP office opened in Jordan.

2012 - New IDP office opened in Azerbaijan.

2015 - Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

2016 - IDP IELTS network expanded to Bahrain, Italy, Japan, Lebanon and Spain.

Co-hosted 30th annual Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) with International Education Association of Australia (IEAA).

2017 - Acquired the Hotcourses Group.

2018 – Extended multi-destination strategy into Ireland.

Introduced onshore support for students in New Zealand.

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