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Meet our team at IDP

Start your study journey with the right companion.

IDP combines experience and technology to help you make the most informed decision possible.

We put you first

Need help finding the best course, submitting your university application or wading through visa requirements? Our approachable and friendly counsellors will help you identify and secure the university or college where you can thrive. They’ll work with you closely to ensure you and your family are supported throughout your time studying in New Zealand.

Approachable international education experts

Many IDP counsellors were once international students too. They're international education experts, ready to go the extra mile and a friendly face who've 'been there and done that' and willing to share what they learned.

We speak languages as diverse as our customers

Like most of our customers, it’s likely that English is not your first language, which is why we welcome you to speak to us in your home language if you prefer.  Our teams have similar backgrounds and language skills as you, so you’ll probably find that when you meet with your counsellor, they’ll offer to speak your home language if that is what you prefer.

Feeling lonely? You’re never far from family with IDP

Our support doesn't end when you receive your university acceptance letter. We’re your home away from home, dedicated to ensuring you feel supported at every stage of your time here in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on being there for you from the moment you arrive, to the moment you achieve permanent residency, or your dream career, be that in New Zealand or in another part of the world. Your success is ours.

Meet our friendly counsellors at IDP Auckland

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Course Selection and Application

With so many great New Zealand universities and courses to choose from, deciding where and what to study can be a difficult decision. Chat today with the experts who can guide you through your study options and assist with your application.

Student Visa Support

We'll be able to offer assistance if you are encountering any issues when completing your New Zealand student visa application.

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