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Best Things To Do in the UK Within Budget

As an international student in the UK, you’re in for a treat. Check with us here some of the funniest activities to do, and a bunch of the most affordable sites to see in the UK during your studying journey there.

The beautiful architecture, the picturesque seasonal changes, the homes and tombs of poets, authors, artists, and celebrities, the ancient castles and old cliffs—there’s nothing you wouldn’t enjoy.

Britain has been the stage for several world events. There have been generations of royals each with their own temperaments and ideas for the future. Art movements have erupted and been picked up right in the streets of London.

Whether you are into theatre and the arts or you love exploring new places, the UK has something for everyone. From the bustling life to the meadows and nature retreats; you can choose to enjoy whatever aspect of British life appeals to you. Here, we have made a list you should go through once you have settled in your new school. Have a look!


Dress up and go to the theatre!

If there is one thing London is famous for, it’s the large quantity of theatres around every corner. While some are new and built with modern needs in mind, there are several old ones that come with their own history and special architecture rooted in its history. For instance, several classic productions like Mamma Mia and Les Misérables began in London and have been playing there for decades. Everywhere you see, you will see posters and billboards advertising a new or old play; London has always been about theatre and the arts.

If you’re visiting for the first time, we would recommend that you take special care to visit at least a few theatres shows. Get your fresh shirt in order, book some tickets, and head onto London streets for a musical, dramatic night of fun!

How about trying British Teatime?

If you haven’t experienced the joys of an afternoon tea, you are in for a treat. No, really—teatime in Britain is taken way too seriously. It’s an anomaly if you don’t join in! Trust us; with a cuppa in your hand and some biscuits or a cheese platter to go with it, you will feel perfectly at peace with yourself. We suggest that you find a nice traditional tearoom to have the genuine experience one time. Otherwise, you are free to make a cup of tea or two a part of your daily routine!

Are you into festivities? Attend a Party at Glastonbury!

As a British culture that goes beyond race, age, or taste in music, Glastonbury is a festival to look forward to. It takes place every summer at the Somerset farm grounds; and while previously it was specifically for indie music fans, it now includes major artists like Beyonce, Jay Z and others. The tickets run out like hot cakes in true British fashion, so make sure you buy yours way before time!

Cook a Sunday Roast

The British consider pot roast a weekly Sunday tradition. Most families dutifully do it every week and make it into a bonding and connecting session. Instead of going to a local pub and joining in, you can try making one at home with your housemates or friends. It doesn’t matter whether you are a good cook; the roast tradition is more about getting together and having fun. Choose beef, chicken, or lamb with the perfect roasted potatoes with your favourite vegetables on the side. Once it’s topped with gravy, the experience will go from regular to fantastically indulgent. Fair warning: it is a cheat day meal!

Visit the Great British Seaside

Who can deny the great pleasures of looking out to the ocean on a sunny day? Because the British Isles are quite small in area, Britons make it a point to visit the ocean as soon as a slither of sun becomes visible. Old fashioned postcards will tell you that the British seaside is associated with crass, bawdy humour—it’s all part of the entertainment! There are different things to do at the seaside depending on what town or city you choose to go to; some are more tourist-focused while others are peaceful and serene, such as Whistable and Margate.

Visit Edinburgh during the Fringe

The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh, becomes home to all sorts of performers and comedians from around the country every August. The entire month becomes a festival with plays and theatre; the city comes to life. You can expect new and old stars with new material, old favourites, one-liner comedy and experimental styles as well! It can fairly be called the world’s biggest arts festival, making Edinburgh a vivacious thrilling adventure. Just go there with a bunch of tickets in your pocket and see what the Fringe has in store for you!

Watch a Shakespeare play in his hometown

If you are a poetry and literature fan or a Shakespeare fan in particular, you are in for some fun times. Get to Shakespeare’s globe in London and experience a play from the Bard come to life! You can get a groundling ticket for £5 in London that lets you stand in the audience Elizabethan-style. You can also head to Stratford-upon-Avon to experience the exhilarating thrill of watching a play in Shakespeare’s hometown! Does it get more special than that?

UK is a lovely place to visit, especially if you’re going there to study. Just the joy of being in a place with so much history behind it can be a wonderful experience; not to mention the beautiful architecture and breath-taking natural wonders. One tip: go all in and feel how it feels to live in a culture possibly very different from your own and go in with an open mind.

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