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Postgraduation courses in USA

Learn how to boost your career with a postgraduate degree from USA

Pursuing a postgraduate degree in USA is a dream for thousands of students all across the world. With renowned faculty, exceptional learning atmosphere, world-class amenities and facilities, USA has been an ideal destination for higher studies.

The American postgraduate course structure and the degree after completion of the course give an added advantage to the students to get through their dream careers.

Finding a university for your postgraduate degree in USA

With thousands of American universities offering varied post-graduation programs, selecting one is not an easy task. There is no limit to the number of universities that a candidate can apply for.

So, you have to do thorough research on the university, institution, location, faculty and culture of the place, while setting preferences. Ideally, a candidate should finalise 5-6 universities for initiating the application process.

How to apply for postgraduation in USA?

Most of the universities have similar format for postgraduate applications, which include:

  1. Application form with basic information like contact details, schools, marks, work experience, community or school-related activities
  2. Standardised test scores (IELTS, GMAT, GRE,etc)
  3. Personal Statement describing academic interests, professional and personal goals and relevant experiences
  4. Research Statement describing about research interests & plans
  5. Transcript, or listing of academic results
  6. 2-3 Recommendation Letters
  7. A CV listing your professional and extracurricular accomplishments
  8. Application fee of approximately $50-100

Can you do masters after postgraduate diploma in USA?

In USA, a postgraduate certificate is equivalent to a master’s qualification, yet it can also be one of the requirements for completion of a masters program.

How IDP can help you?

Our certified expert education counsellors will assist you in enrolling for postgraduate courses in USA through:

  • Course and university selection
  • Application submission
  • Tuition fee advice
  • Offer acceptance
  • Visa counselling
  • Pre-departure orientation

Boost your academic and career prospects in USA! Speak with your IDP Education counsellor now to turn your ambitions into reality!

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