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Every year, INTO helps thousands of young people from around the world to study at a leading university. It works together with the university partners to provide specialist degrees and pathway programmes designed for international students. The Students are guaranteed a great education with INTO. The university partners and affiliates are respected worldwide and they're dedicated to providing a great student experience.

INTO has over 350 different programs available in subjects such as architecture, pharmacy, law, and marketing at the 20 centres. It has helped thousands of international students to study abroad and achieve their academic ambitions. At INTO, the students will learn new study, research and presentation skills that are needed to succeed at the university. They can select and study their choice of modules, allowing them to choose the path to their future career. Its teachers understand the needs of international students. The INTO study centres are modern and have everything needed by the students to study.

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44.56029, -123.27598 1701 SW Western Boulevard,Corvallis,Oregon,97333 United States
INTO Oregon State University
Nearest City: Portland
Type: On-campus
Address: 1701 SW Western Boulevard, Corvallis, Oregon, 97333 United States
29.03357, -81.30251 4202 East Fowler Avenue FAO 100,Tampa,Florida,33620 United States
INTO University of South Florida
Nearest City: Tampa
Type: On-campus
Address: 4202 East Fowler Avenue FAO 100, Tampa, Florida, 33620 United States
40.57344, -105.08655 Spruce Hall 150 Old Main Drive,Fort Collins,Colorado,80523 United States
INTO Colorado State University
Nearest City: Denver
Type: On-campus
Address: Spruce Hall 150 Old Main Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80523 United States
33.49975, -86.80272 1600 10th Ave South, Floor 2,Birmingham,Alabama,35294 United States
INTO The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Nearest City: Birmingham
Type: On-campus
Address: 1600 10th Ave South, Floor 2, Birmingham, Alabama, 35294 United States
38.42402, -82.42643 One John Marshall Drive,Huntington,Virginia,25755 United States
INTO Marshall University
Nearest City: Virginia Beach
Type: On-campus
Address: One John Marshall Drive, Huntington, Virginia, 25755 United States
38.63546, -90.23382 1 North Grand Blvd, DuBourg Hall, Room 102,St. Louis,Missouri,63103 United States
INTO Saint Louis University
Nearest City: St. Louis
Type: On-campus
Address: 1 North Grand Blvd, DuBourg Hall, Room 102, St. Louis, Missouri, 63103 United States
40.76057, -74.42698 36 Madison Avenue,Madison,New Jersey,07940 United States
INTO New York at Drew University
Nearest City: Newark
Type: On-campus
Address: 36 Madison Avenue, Madison, New Jersey, 07940 United States
38.82963, -77.31494 4400 University Drive,MS 6D11,Fairfax,Virginia,22030 United States
INTO George Mason University
Nearest City: Virginia Beach
Type: On-campus
Address: 4400 University Drive,MS 6D11, Fairfax, Virginia, 22030 United States
46.73192, -117.15421 E Main Street,Pullman,Washington,99164 United States
INTO Washington State University
Nearest City: Seattle
Type: On-campus
Address: E Main Street, Pullman, Washington, 99164 United States
42.35886, -71.06184 8 Ashburton Place,Boston,Massachusetts,02108 United States
INTO Suffolk University,Boston
Nearest City: Boston
Type: On-campus
Address: 8 Ashburton Place, Boston, Massachusetts, 02108 United States
40.51306, -88.99161 400 W. Locust Street,Normal,Illinois,61761 United States
Illinoise State University Campus
Nearest City: Chicago
Type: On-campus
Address: 400 W. Locust Street, Normal, Illinois, 61761 United States

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