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Greener Futures

Taking a strategic approach to managing our environmental impact is essential not only for building greener futures, but for the long-term growth, resilience and sustainability of the communities in which we operate.

Whether through the digitisation of paper-based processes, creating a virtual marketplace for our global community, or engaging our teams in environmental protection initiatives, IDP is working to embed sustainability practices across its global footprint.

Digitisation of paper-based processes

Global rollout of waste reduction procurement software

In FY20 IDP rolled out global procurement software to remove the need for the printing of thousands of documents a year through the automation of finance, accounts payable and requisition processes, and supplier document exchange.

Alongside paper reduction, key environmental benefits include improved (often real time) reporting capability of purchases, enabling key areas of over consumption to be identified and targeted. 

E-sourcing and contract management can also be used to drive spend towards suppliers which support IDP’s commercial and environmental agendas, for instance by only allowing the use of suppliers with the requisite environmental credentials, or by using functionality to recommend a certain ‘greener’ supplier.


Built environments

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is embedded across our built environments, with all new offices and facilities to be built in accordance with green building principles and evaluated for environmental impact as part of the capital expenditure approval process.

IDP Vietnam Organic office farm

IDP Vietnam showcases their commitment to sustainability by setting up an in office organic farm. The farm, which includes office plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees, embeds sustainability practices into every day working life.

Greener Futures initiatives

Community Endeavour and Greener Futures Global Excellence Awards were introduced in FY20 to celebrate work teams do to support their community and the environment. Demonstrating our commitment to improve the communities we operate in, these awards have been embraced by global teams.

IDP China leads the way with digital tree planting initiative

IDP China is leading the way by launching their digital Greener Futures Cloud Planting initiative. Connecting with teams online, the initiative uses Alipay's Ant Forest Project, an environmental impact initiative awarded the UN's top environmental honour.

ACE Fun Run for the Environment

Annually over 2,500 government officials, students, parents, environment lovers and exercise enthusiasts participate in the ACE Annual Fun Run for the Environment to raise awareness and funding for environmental issues.

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