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Mapping our carbon footprint

As part of IDP’s corporate responsibility framework, our Sustainable Futures program outlines goals and progress each year to move the company towards making the world a greener, smarter and more equitable place to live.

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, reducing our carbon footprint is a key focus area for IDP.

IDP has teams based in more than 30 countries, who are leading the way and harnessing the power of our people to make changes to the way we operate.

In FY21, we made a commitment to measure our Scope 1 (direct) and 2 (indirect) emissions and will continue to map Scope 3 (supplemental) emissions in 2022 to better understand the company’s carbon footprint.

Read more about the program and download the Carbon Footprint snapshot here.

Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions such as generator diesel consumption while Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions such as purchasing electricity. The final phase, Scope 3 involves supplemental emissions including purchased goods and services and travel.

Mapping emissions to determine IDP’s carbon footprint is an important step in learning how to then reduce its carbon footprint. By knowing where emissions come from, we can set targets, identify effective strategies and act accordingly.

Craig Mackey, Director of Corporate Development at IDP, said that although the project to map our carbon footprint is ongoing, IDP has already taken several important steps to reduce emissions.

“Globally, offices have introduced LED lighting and run a ‘turn it off’ campaign, aimed at making turning off lights and devices such as computers a habit for all employees at the end of each work day,” Mr Mackey said.

“In addition, any new office or fit out is required to be designed with green building principles in mind to minimise energy consumption."

“Our teams have also been sharing best practice and environmental impact improvements with each other so offices across the world can learn and implement for themselves.”

Through our Sustainable Futures program, we are taking direct action to improve our environmental impact across the world and empowering our people to make environmentally friendly choices.

Learn more about the program: https://www.idp.com/partners/our-progress

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