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Vincent and Lakshmi design their own paths at IDP

At IDP, we know our success comes from our highly committed and caring employees around the globe.

Our people are empowered to own their development. They are encouraged to bring new ideas and pursue opportunities that will drive their careers. For our employees, the personal, professional and career development opportunities that are available often result in people choosing to continue, build and grow their career with IDP.

Lakshmi Balakrishnan is one such IDP team member. Lakshmi has been with IDP for nine years. Now an IDP Product Owner for Events Experience, Lakshmi’s journey at IDP has had many chapters and different phases.

Starting as an IELTS Test Day Supervisor, Lakshmi loved the global culture of IDP, moving from the test centre to the client relations team and then into the operations team as a process specialist and growing into her current role.

Lakshmi credits her growth to her mentors within IDP that recognised her desire for continual learning and supported and encouraged her to build on her skills. “My managers have often encouraged me to apply for new roles, grow my repertoire of skills and experience. I am grateful for the support I have received from the company.

As a Product Owner, Lakshmi draws on her diverse experience to ensure she can create the best experiences and products for our international students.

“In my current role, I can see all my experience coming together. My background in communications coupled with post-grad in arts management help me solve problems creatively and understand how to tell the right story to different groups of people.’’

Vincent Blokker is another IDP team member who has forged a new path at IDP within our IELTS business

Before starting at IDP in 2013, Vincent came to Australia as an international student, completing our IELTS to attend the University of New England in NSW. Since finishing his undergraduate degree, Master degree and PhD, Vincent has joined IDP to access and unlock the global potential of the organisation.

Now IELTS Operations Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Vincent draws on his past experiences of taking the IELTS as an international student, supervising IELTS tests days to now managing the operations of IELTS tests in his region. 

“Things at IDP never standstill. There are constantly new challenges and arising opportunities for professional and personal development. For me, it’s always about asking myself, how can I be a better team member and what else can I learn.”

Vincent’s career progress at IDP is largely due to his continued desire for new challenges and the support of his managers.

“Secondment opportunities come up frequently at IDP. In 2019, I applied for a position in the Global Stakeholder team, a completely new role from anything I had experienced before at IDP. It allowed me to connect with IDP colleagues across the world to promote IELTS to a global audience. Without the support from my team, managers and the broader leadership team, I never would have applied for the secondment, which has been incredibly beneficial to my career, and my growth as a team member.”

Over the coming months, we will be sharing more stories of our exceptional people, like Lakshmi and Vincent, as they strive to create a more connected world at IDP.

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