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My Study Abroad Journey by Patricia Honasan

Patricia Honasan shares her experience as a Filipino international student in Australia. Here's how IDP helped turn her study abroad dream into reality.


I can say that my application to study abroad experience was a "whirlwind romance".

For years, I have dreamt of going to Australia. When I turned 30, I told myself that it's now or never. I then made a birthday trip to Sydney and Melbourne last September 2017 and of course it was not a surprise - I loved it. I loved it so much that before I could even fly back home, I have already decided I will go back and study.

study in australia with IDP

One of my close friends who is based in Melbourne told me about IDP. She herself worked with IDP when she took her Masters in UTS last 2013. As soon as I got back to Manila, I started researching. Luckily the group consultation for that coming weekend was for Australia (it felt like a sign!).

I attended the consultation (with my dad; I was that determined) and I was booked to Ms. Alma Galvez as my counsellor. The rest was history. The entire process was smooth and fast. It was 1st week of November when I started my 1st consultation with Ms. Alma. By 1st week of January this year, I have gotten all my offers and by 2nd week of March, I had my student visa. Up to this moment, I still cannot believe that I am here.

study in Australia with IDP

Exactly a year ago, I would not have imagined I would be studying my first passion (Education), at one of the top universities in the world (Monash), in my favorite country (Australia). Being here is definitely a dream come true and it would not have been at all possible if it were not for the help of IDP, most especially of Ms. Alma. She was very hands-on, entertaining all my “panic calls” when I was working on collecting my requirements and was constantly updating me with the progress of the application. It is safe to say, I owe much to her.

IDP was indeed a huge help in this entire journey.


- Patricia Honasan

Masters in Early Childhood Education,

Monash University (Clayton Campus)

IDP can help you study in Australia! We offer free education counselling: from school and visa application to pre-departure activities. Book an appointment now. 

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With a strong economy and student-friendly post-study opportunities, it is easy to see why Australia is a popular study destination for international students.

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IDP provides the following services to make sure your study abroad is hassle-free: ISIC Student Benefit Card, Overseas Student Health Cover, Accommodation Services, and IDP Helpline.

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