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IDP holds IELTS training for partners

IDP IELTS Philippines held its Annual Alliance Members’ IELTS Refresher Training in Cebu and Manila on the 27th and 31st of March respectively.

The training aimed to impart the latest news on IELTS and its administration with IDP’s partner agents who offer IELTS review services to test-takers.

Partners got to learn about IDP’s registration procedure, communications to test-takers, and post-test activities in the first part of the training. They also got to attend a workshop on how to help students prepare for the test. The workshop was led by an IDP IELTS expert who discussed the four sections of IELTS: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Lastly, a market brief was facilitated to update the partner agents about market trends in the industry.

IDP thanks the following partner agents who attended the training:


  • 9.0 Niner IELTS Review and Tutorial Center 
  • Abba Personnel Services, Inc.
  • Antoine De Saint Exupery Travel and Tours
  • Ben-Mic Consulting and Documentation Services
  • Bep Nz Aust Corp
  • Career Education & Migration Support Centre Co. Ltd. (CEMS)"
  • Center for International Language Academy
  • CEVAS Language Center
  • HEAC (Health Education Australasia Consultancy)
  • HELP English Language Program, Inc.
  • Ilocos IELTS Review Center
  • J. Rooz Review Center Inc.
  • John Harper International Communications Institute, Inc.
  • L.U. Brainstorm Center for Learning and Development, Inc.
  • Let's Say English Review Center Co.
  • Northside English Center
  • Pinoycare Visa Center Inc.
  • Protech Professional & Technical Training Center
  • Rachell Allen Review Services
  • The Write Way Review Center
  • World English Reviews
  • (De Jesus-Beltran & Co., World English Inc.)
  • Yumemirai Language Learning Center



  • Ace IELTS Review Center and Language Services
  • Atheneum English Advancement and Review Center
  • Cebu Doctors' University ESL Center (API EDU Inc.)
  • Cebu English Language Learning Academy (CELLA)
  • Cebu Globalization ESL Center Inc.
  • English Fella Educational Corporation
  • Joinus English Language Academe, Inc.
  • Metro Korea Language Training Center Inc.
  • Pinoycare Visa Center Inc.
  • Rez Language Institute
  • Speedtalk Language Training Center

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